The Handwriting is upon the wall!


This morning in prayer, I saw the color blue, and God spoke to me regarding the toes!  The Lord said that the toes and thumb are related to Apostolic movement (direction) in the earth.  He said that many babies are going to be born in this season!  Meaning that God is getting ready to birth something new in this season, the Lord said that He is going to do something totally new in this season.

There is a major shift coming to the people of God in a mighty way.

The Lord said to warn the people of God not to miss this moment by getting out the ark of safety.  He said there are many lessons to be learned by staying in the presence of the almighty in this season!

God has some things that He wants to share with His people (he is going to begin birthing them in the womb in this hour) and the only way to experience these moments are to stay close to God!  Let him that hath an ear: hear what the spirit is saying to the church!

The Lord is going to send correction to many in the body of Christ in this season because they have failed to obey and to hearken to God and have went on there own path.  Get ready all those who God will use to go forward in completing the task!

God will be with you,  “Do not fear and neither be afraid,”  saith The Lord!  God is tired of many walking in flesh and they have failed to acknowledge Him because of their religion, their bloodline and who they are.

For, the Lord is warning the church that, “It is No longer I, but the Christ that lives on the inside of us!”  He said, “When we get saved we are no longer our own, but our bodies and salvation should be in god and not in whom we are, and what religion we have been birth from.”

The Lord is trying to tell the church that any religion or bloodline that you where birthed from, does not supersede Him and when you put more emphasis on these things, than God you have made them out of idols!

God is a jealous God and He will have you to place them before him!

I hear the Lord saying, “For do I now persuade men, or God?  Or do I seek to please men?  For, if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.  But I certify you, brethren that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man.  For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ,”  (Galatians 1:10-12, Zechariah 7:11).

God is trying to send a message to the body of Christ just as He did Apostle Paul, that when you become born again, you are no longer your own but, you are bought with a price!

God is speaking to the church to come out of dead religion, these carnal works and bloodlines that make us walk as men and not as God intended!  Many of us who are claiming salvation are so caught up in yourselves (pride) and you are so caught up in your denomination (religion, and who your parents are, and depending upon flesh that you can not hear God) that God can not speak to you!

Your ears have become stopped up, your eyes have become blinded, your heart is black (you don’t care about hurting and offending other; you need a heart of flesh) and you cannot hear God, so the Lord is going to send correction!

Now, there isn’t any sense in you pouting your lips when God send correction, because you have had plenty of time to set your house in order and you have failed to yield to the Holy Spirit.  Instead you have resisted Him all together!

I hear God saying that many of you have even been like those who stoned Stephen.  You see, they cried out with a loud voice, and covered their ears (there heart was cold and black) and rushed at him with one impulse.  When they had driven him out of the city, they began stoning him; (they resisted wisdom and truth) and the witnesses laid aside their robes at the feet of a young man named Saul, (Acts 7: 57-58).

God is going to deal with you and this time the only one being stoned will be those who are disobeying the Holy Spirit!

God is calling the Sauls out in this season, to come out of the old into the new! It is time to hear him: just as Saul who thought he was right in persecuting God’s anointed!

Don’t let God have to lay his hands on you they are heavy!  God is getting ready to lance, to cut away somethings that are offending Him in this season!


~ Apostle Geraldine Fisher

Prophetess Geraldine FisherApostle Geraldine Fisher has a World-Wide-Social Media Net-Work Ministry. Saved for over 30-years, as a Missionary, God moved her into the Office of a Prophet and continues to revealed to her the qualities of a True prophet: humility, humiliation, love others and intercede in prayer as she keeps her own life clean to accurately hear from God. God revealed True prophets draw believers to Christ; NOT wanting or seeking self praise, as the work is about God, not SELF. Since hearing the audible voice of God calling her into prophetic ministry, she has been on this journey, called to intercede and to pray on behalf of others in the ministry as God speaks to her, instructing, directing and dropping a prophetic word for her, to give to others. To prepare her for her prophetic call, God promised He would bringing her to sit and to learn before great men, all of which He did!



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