The Importance Of Your Name


Saturday, all night long, I tossed in and out of sleep, speaking and hearing, “There is importance to your name.”

I heard the LORD say,  “I AM calling forth a new army.  My army that will bring the great freedom in this land.

I need my people, to raise up and pay attention to the words spoken over their name.

Each time they are called forth, I plant a deeper purpose within their soul.  I AM calling them into the destiny they have been created for.

Rise My mighty children!  Know My voice and hear My call.  Step into the place I have called you.

Many will know the answer to My call.  Many will hear My cry and sit and watch.

I AM placing a new order upon your name, one which will bring peace and laughter in the midst of the chaos.

Some I will place a new name upon, those will march into the glory with My love moving them forward.  You will stand in the place of great victory for you have been called.

Rise oh My mighty people, grasp hold of the places that bring you freedom, spread the victory of your freedom.  For the life I have called forward shall bring great order to this nation.

You shall rise over the dark places of the enemy.  I shall call you by name.  I shall reach you and bring you higher into my great Kingdom.

Stand My mighty people hear the cry of victory, for your name has been placed into the hands of life.”


~ Deb Zickafoose

Deb Zickafoose imageDeb Zickafoose



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The Importance Of Your Name — 2 Comments

  1. This might be a confirmation: During the past few days I heard my name quite more often than before, spoken out by people whom I met randomly. I was wondering why they speak out my name so clear. While typing these words, even another confirmation: “I call out to you” is a repeated line in a song I listen to. So there MUST be a new rising up. And yes, I do. May our worldwide sisters and brothers also have each day enough strength, hope and boldness to rise up, according to GOD`S WILL.

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