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Prophetic Warnings and The Israel Fallout — 4 Comments

  1. In the summertime of 2009, one Sunday I was spending time with the Lord and meditating on some very strong end-time prophetic warnings that a friend had had.

    As I did, I was shown something unexpected, and which I think fits with some of what you have shared here.

    “I saw a snake.  It was very large and powerful. Its neck and head were raised and very alert, but the main part of its body – which was coiled behind it – was hidden from view by a thick grey/white mist.  (It was trying to hide its full strength from view). Its eyes were large, almond-shaped and bright yellow (denoting China).  It was very silent indeed and very still. Its mouth was shut (denoting it wasn’t ready to strike at that actual point in time), but I got the very distinct impression it was watching and waiting for any sign of weakness to strike.”

    As I said, this was back in the summertime of 2009 that I saw this.  I did share it widely back then with some in the UK and US.  But when I saw your mention of weak-kneed nations, and that the ‘tail’ of the Red Dragon is ready to strike … it reminded me of this vision.

  2. I have heard a couple of opinions from alternative news sources, first, Hamas not clever/organised enough to do such a well coordinated attack acting alone. Second, Israeli defences curiously slack for a time, so was this allowed/known to Israeli government? Netanyahu speech mentioned 2 false flag attacks, was that a thinly veiled hint, or is this drama to cover up something else, eg pulling troops out of Ukraine because that is unwinnable by West/nato, or pulling out of Syria,or even trying to start another virus attack? We need to be wise, and not just accept everything that is told us as the complete truth.

  3. OK, so we pray, pray, pray, for the compassion to come upon Israel.  We are steadfast in the coming of the Lord Jesus to step in for the healing of the Nations.

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