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The Launching of the Chosen — 5 Comments

  1. This is a profound message. Thanks for sharing with the Body of Christ! I praise God for your spiritual insight and revelation. May God continue to use you on these end times.

  2. Powerful words from the Lord through you dear sister.  They are words that resonate in my spirit as they come from the Lord.  May you continue to be as a cup; being filled and refilled continually for His glory.  May the manifestation of His goodness and truth be as our daily Bread for He alone is Life and our source of sustenance!  Amen

  3. An incredibly good word sister; my spirit resonates with the deep truths that have been revealed to you.  I pray for more revelation to flow into and out of you as a cup being filled, refilled, and used continuously for the glory of God as He manifests His Truth to all the world.  He is the Bread; the Giver of life eternal and we must always seek for more, never satisfied!  Amen!

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