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The Lazarus Generation- My Endtimes Warriors! — 2 Comments

  1. Only you Lord! Elaine,thank you for your obedience…only a Prophet of the Lord knows what a Prophet of the Lord goes through.
    This Word is so precise to what He has shown me in vision and spoke to me for some time now, but a few days ago I knew a death, a crucifixion was coming.
    I did not fear, it happened in the Spirit to me, it was some thing that words cannot express.
    In that death, I knew resurrection would come and was promised key confirmations….
    This Word is one of those confirmations. It is sealed, everything that He has shown me, my assignment..everything. over the years.
    I have experienced multiple deaths to things, very painful. But this crucifixion a few days ago was completely different, it was completely necessary. The stone has been rolled back, grave clothes are off. The truth of my identity, destiny and mission seared and sealed in me.
    Hallelujah to go forth in NO FEAR!

  2. Thank you for this confirmation. I received every word that has been written here in the name of Jesus. Wow we are free i Christ Jesus he set the captives free. Thank you my beloved. God bless you. Amen

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