The Lord says, Come Through the Narrow Gate

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The Lord says, Come Through the Narrow Gate
A Journey of Healing


The Lord says, Come Through the Narrow Gate

The Lord asks and says:

“How long will you sleep?  Is there no end to your slumber?  Surely I tell you, a day is coming where no one will sleep.  In their sleeplessness they will weep, wail and mourn over what was lost seemingly forever.

Make no mistake, it will never be the same again.  For years you have witnessed My mercy.  You have seen it for so long that you have come to expect it.  Behold, I am removing My mercy from this land.  Mercy shall be replaced with judgment just as times of plenty will be replaced with times of famine.

There are many who will say, “It is hopeless!” but I AM hope and whoever puts their trust in Me will not be put to shame.  The idols are removed.  The false hopes are removed.  Behold, I AM the gate.

Through faith you are invited to enter in.  To those who stubbornly remain outside there will be only weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Enter into the light.  Enter into My rest.  Come out of darkness and never return unto it.

I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life.  There is no other.  Come through the narrow gate.  Now is not the time to tarry!”

A Journey of Healing

The message on this latest release from Fisher of Men Productions speaks for itself.  It is a message you need to watch. It is a message you need to share!  Please partner with me today.  Many hearts need and can receive healing!

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon is a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the good news!



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  1. Thank you Mitch. Jesus came to fulfill the will of Father. He paid it all. Our redeemer! We come to Father through Jesus. Oh that I’ve been set free understanding Father’s unconditional love. His deep affection and affirmation. He keeps me safe and secure. His divine plan for my life is playing out. It’s not about all the things He owes me. It’s not about who I am in Him. It’s ALL about who He is in me. Thank you brother for this post. Our Father is almighty (able to do all things). He is love (God) and merciful (not judging my past). All THINGS are of Him, and through Him and to Him for HIS GLORY!!!