The LORD Says: “My Heart Hears!”

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I Hold You Tight

The LORD says:  “As I stand and I watch over this nation, I call forward My heroes.

I call forward those who fight for this nation, those who stand firm and fight for My weak ones.

My people, My heroes, are each of you who battle and war for the peace of the hearts of My People.

I created all warriors.  I created them strong and full of courage.

As you stand and brave the antics of the enemy, I hold you tight.  I lift you up and bring you to My Heart.

My people, there are many more who need your courage and your fight.

As you stand, I hold your hand, I support your stance and I give you power and authority over all darkness upon this earth.

Your voice is a weapon!  Use your words carefully, for give them life.

Hold onto your sword and your quiver for they are filled with great authority.

As you fire your weapons, you will see the power of the heavens move through them.

My anointing, I have placed upon you.  Know it, know the strength and the power they are.

Be lifted high and carry those around you higher than yourselves, for in that you receive more than you need to walk this earth.

Step into your place of calling for now the season is here.  Now is the life I have sown through you.

Now those around you will see the call, and each of you will build up and strengthen one another.

As you stand in unity hear my voice, for I AM filling your ears, and run, run together hand in hand and allow no entry of the enemy.

Go my warriors, go for now I send you!”

My Heart Hears

The LORD says: “My eyes see and My heart hears the voices of My People.

As I stand and listen to your voice, know that I hear you.

My hands they wipe always the tears of the hurting and lost ones.  Know you have been heard by the saints of long ago.

You have been heard by the spirit I placed within you.

Don’t loose hope, for My Hand wraps around you and My Love fills you.

My people, stand and rejoice for you are heard and loved beyond all measure.

Take hold and run for I run with you, stay in your lane for it was created just for you.

Your lanes surpasses all understanding.  It brings you love and wisdom, and fills you with hope.

I created it just for you.  Your lane does not end for I created it.  I filled it with all you need.

Take hold and hear Me for My love sustains you.”


~ Deb Zickafoose

Deb Zickafoose imageDeb Zickafoose



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