The Lord warns: “Cataclysmic”


After Ken received words from the Lord about the coming shaking, I heard the word Cataclysmic.

A Cataclysmic event is one that is severely destructive, causing much damage, violently destructive.  The word often refers to natural disasters.

Then I heard The Lord say,

“It is coming Celeste, great and mighty it will roll for sure, and many will suffer.  

But have I not warned them to turn to Me, but they will not listen.  

Dark times ahead.  

Keep your eyes on Me and don’t look around, you will only be discouraged.  

Really learn to praise Me in these times and deliverance will come easily.”


“Oh great is the Lord and worthy of glory, great is the Lord and worthy of praise”


~ Celeste Dewey

Celeste DeweyCeleste Dewey




The Lord warns: “Cataclysmic” — 1 Comment

  1. At the time of Yom Kippur I was in the Spirit Praying for my children Protection Salvation etc. when Ruach HaKodesh Took me into Our Father We came in from behind I could see in His Light His Body VERY STRONG, as We Entered I Felt HIS GREAT LOVE FOR All that HE CREATED Especially Us, I FELT HIS GREAT LOVE, DISGUST, ANGUISH & ANGER….Ruach HaKodesh Took me Into GREAT TREVILLE GREAT GROANING & MOANING I Saw A GREAT HOLIEST OF HOLY ATOMIC MOVE COMING FROM OUR FATHER AS HIS FISTS WERE UPHELD AND READY TO COME DOWN Ruach HaKodesh PLEADED NO NOT NOW PLEASE NOT NOW, I FELT HIS GREAT RESTRAIN GREATLY QUIVERING AS HE HOLDS BACK HIS FISTS’ I saw the move Rolling In like a tsunami….I couldn’t breath I couldn’t stand and felt sick and We WEEP’T GREATLY As What’s Comming is Going to HURT! And IT’S Going to Hurt All Especially His Church as All Is Getting exposed as most bend with family traditions cultures that are without GOD, they think they are ok, but their Not! Evan Those who Do Walk In & Do As Our Father Does’ Who Have Our FATHERS’ Love and Compassion Are Going to Hurt as The Tens of Thousands On The Right & Left Falling is Seen, AS OUR FATHER HOLDS US WE MUST NOT LET GO OF AND EMBRACE THE HARVEST, HOLD ON FOR THEIR ENDEARED LIVES!….About a month ago I had a flash Dream a news headline it read Todays Earthquake 17.01….I thought did I see that right and it flashed again….I Felt this as The Move That’s Coming, as I shared this with my family they felt it was an actual earthquake as they to as I have had Vision Dreams of literal earthquakes as well….Both Are Coming and what is Will No Longer Be, OUR FATHERS LOVE IS GOOD and HE IS MAKING RIGHT BY HIS PROMISES….As We Hold On to Our Father HE WILL NOT LET GO OF US!….This Must Happen and is a Crucial even Getting Critical TO BE WITH OUR FATHER OR NOT!….YESHUAS SACRIFICE IS NOT IN VAIN AND DOES’ NOT FALL VOID! IN YESHUAS NAME BE BLESS’T!This Change IS for The GOOD OUR FATHERS’ GOOD! Many are falling and Our Father is Stopping it! HIS Plan Is Coming Full Circle to Completion Our Lords Return is soon upon us, time is critical get GODS’ Armour ON It’s about to get REALLY REALLY BAD, Dirty & Ugly and Horrid but Take & Receive Our Fathers LOVING Strength That We MUST HAVE and KNOW HE HAS US COVERED AND SHALL SEE US ENDURE THROUGH….It won’t be easy But DO ALSO LIVE IN JOY AS IT WILL GIVE YOU REST THAT YOU WILL NEED AT TIMES…. FOR THOSE IN GOD ALL WILL BE MADE GOOD AGAIN AS OUR FATHER HAS PROMISED!