The Octopus Spirit


The Lord begin to talk to me about the Laodicean church and how many modern churches today fit that description.  He talked about how sick he was of their Lukewarm attitude toward him and how he was going to spew them out.  He said to me write these words down for a warning to those who are not hot and they are not cold, but somewhere in between trying to walk the middle ground between right and wrong, good and bad.  He said he wanted his people clean and HOLY.  He was talking to me about how he is going to bring cleansing judgment upon the filthy Church that does not live Holy and Clean. Now here is what I heard him say:

It grips firmly and holds them fast.  It will not let go.  Attached it is like an Octopus clinging, strangling, suffocating life out of them.  Many tentacles wrapping around them, pulling them down and all the while THEY DO NOT EVEN KNOW TROUBLE IS UPON THEM.

See that they do not See!  Watch for they do not Know; nor do they say it.  Nothing is wrong and their way is so right yet it is so wrong! But, they know it not.

Gasping for life, air to breathe, they stumble and fall back; shaking and ready to collapse down to the floor, yet they know it not.  The very thing wrong is they are blind and cannot see; I must use eye salve to open the wounded eyes.

Really their fullness is not Me, but PRIDE, you see!  They are really haughty thinking they have arrived, but do not even know they are poor, blind, and naked.

Can they be bought?  Can they be owned?  Of course not, they say, Yet even now they are not their own for someone holds their reins.  Turning them as it pleases, one way then another, yet, they fully do not know their way is not my way.

See their private parts exposed of shame. Uncovered, Yes!  They are open for men to see.  I must cover them even as I covered Adam and Eve.  I must kill and find coverings.  I AM only able to cover some, for most know not me at all.

Religious, Yes, but in truth their spirit is not mine.  Operate they do, but not of me for they follow another spirit.  Familiar they are and friends with all that spirit like.  Theirs is a world loving and desiring spirit which approves the filthy world.  Oh, the blindness of the Holy Way, Oh, the misconceptions.

I AM sick of their meetings.  I wonder who told them they were even needed?  I do not need the World. [the ways of the World].

My Way is a HOLY WAY, clean yes, Pure and White.  My way leads men away from the night.  Darkness is unknown in heaven, for all up here is Bright, yes, Bright in my Light.

There is no Darkness at all in my Way, for it cannot be in my Light.  So why do they say it is OK to retain some of the Night?  Oh, Some is OK because I understand them, they say.

What do I understand about the dark way?  Part way is not complete; it is only PART WAY.  I walk in the Light and I AM THE LIGHT . In me is no darkness, No!  Not even a Shadow.

Why and who told you it was OK to retain some darkness?  To what excuse can you find to justify it? My Children, I have called you not to be dark, but LIGHT. LIGHT, SHINING BRIGHT IN THE NIGHT.  OH, SEE MY SHINING LIGHT!

* * * * *

I have posted this Word in Obedience to the Lord.  I pray that this word will open someones eyes to see themselves as they are and desire to become like him as He is…


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey

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