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The Pink Angels Are Coming to Bring the Love Revival — 2 Comments

  1. Jo Ellen Stevens, I am a Seer Prophet and back in February of this year, I had a vision as I was worshipping God. I was seeing these huge bowls that were sitting atop pillars at the feet of God. There was liquid in these bowls and when they were full, God would nod at the angel in front of the bowls and he would tip the bowls over and pour out the liquid. I was drenched in this liquid as I watched God give the angel a nod and he dumped the bowl out and the liquid drenched me. My bowl had many colors, but I saw pink, red purple, green, onyx…..I asked Holy Spirit what the colors were and he told me pink is the color of God’s love because everything in heaven has color and sound!!!!!  I am interested to know how you know PINK is God’s Love?

  2. Jo Ellen! All I can do is laugh with pure joy! No wonder we’ve been seeing PINK flamingos everywhere! Agape Love Revival!:)

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