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  1. Amen – Tusind Tak for ordet Deborah – jeg vil sende en Rose til – Billedet hedder: “Den Yndigste Rose er fundet” – Rosen er Jesus , det er en julesalme i den Danske Salmebog nr. 122 – Gud Velsigne dig rigt

  2. Thank you very very much, dear sister ! I MUST confirm this: Yesterday I noticed gentle rain dropping in the midst of a Magnolia tree. It was physical impossible how this happened, for thete was no cloud, no rain, only blue sky. I asked elderly at work if they also can see this, when it happend around 4 pm and we were in the dining room, with windows towards the garden. Highlight in this garden is an old magnificient Magnolia. Yes, others saw it wondrously dropping over the big blossoms and petals, too. For me personally a mighty sign from the ABOVE ALL, because the oppressors did not stop their wicked games, in every area.
    At work on every side provocative discussions and so much rejection, though I get powerful good words from very old men and women. “Like the rose, trampled on the ground…” is a beautiful song. I love it.
    So your words, precious Deborah, lifted me up, after one of the most jealous egoistic workmates showed her arrogant selfish inner thoughts by making some statements against me in front of 3 leaders. The protocol later had some significant mistakes and lies inside, but we had to sign it. No problem any longer – GOD will set all things right, soon and very soon. 
    And about spider web…Yesterday a big spider crawled across the wall, but it did not scare me. People can be more scary than animals. King David once was asked by the LORD if he wants to be delivered into the hands of men. His response to GOD was: “LORD, LET ME NOT FALL INTO THE HANDS OF MEN, FOR THEY ARE MERCILESS AND CRUEL.”
    Deborah, thank you for your hard and heart work !

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