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The Remnant Company of Prophets — 12 Comments

  1. Een beeld van het overblijfsel kreeg ik 16 maart 2020. Een schamel overblijfsel… een overblijfsel in gerechtigheid.
    De afgelopen drie weken kwam dit beeld regelmatig terug.
    Een hand uit de hemel die een kleine groep optilde. Een paar mensen vielen van de hand af. Een paar mensen werden nog gered…
    Uw boodschap raakte mij erg…

    [ HKP : Google Translate : “I received a picture of the remains on March 16, 2020. A paltry relic… a relic in justice. Over the past three weeks, this image has returned regularly. A hand from heaven lifting a small group. A few people fell off the hand. A few people were rescued… Your message touched me very much…” ]

  2. Thank you. I do not know if I have many spiritual gifts, and enjoy listening to the prophets. The idolotory of foreign gods must cease in Jesus name and love the bible story about Elijah and Elisha. When Elijah was on Mount Carmel and despite the prophets of Bal tearing their clothes and hair, the Lord answered Elijah. He was so strong but became tired,

  3. Dear Chris,
    I read your December 13 article on the remnant company of prophets and was amazed.

    My name is Robert Carter. I am ordained as a pastor, now non-denominational.
    I was born in Australia and met the Lord on September 1st 1968 in a similar experience to Paul’s conversion experience.

    At the Lord’s instructions, I closed my church and that is another story to create Bashan Ministries, with the motto of Preparing the way. Our ministry is primarily prophetic, focusing on intimacy of relationship with God and getting away from the religious status quo. I move in the gifts of the spirit and have experienced miracles of healing, been to heaven several times and function as a modern day John the Baptist who came to God’s people telling them to be ready for Messiah’s arrival.

    We believe that similar ministries are being raised today for His imminent return. Such ministries will function as you said… like Elijah & Elisha did. We anticipate a similar changing of the guard.

    I am not seeking “revival”, but what I believe will be unprecedented. I do not want a return to the same old things.

    You mentioned Wales &the UK. We believe that the Lord is calling us to Wales and are planning a visit to spy out the land. Our hope is to spend what shall by my first Christmas in Wales. My wife was born in Liverpool.

    You invited feedback, so this is mine.



  4. I do not count myself among the prophets, but I have been longing to be part of such a company for a while.

    How do I contact you?

    • Elizabeth If you are serious about walking deeper in God’s kingdom there is a vs in Hebrews 6 Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God If you study the verses before and after what is said here, which say you need a rock solid foundation which is the doctrine of Christ, this is saying you know and understand repentance from dead work, laying on of hands, eternal judgment, faith toward God, and baptisms these are the foundations you leave to move into perfection where you become a useful vessel who God can use and direct so your paths are ordered and cross others who God will cause to intersect with your God life, people who will be helped or will join with you enhancing the kingdom of God, do not try to acquire this place in God by living in a self-constructed fantasy world study to show yourself approved be patient wait on the Lord much time must be spent praying and worshiping in God s presence in this place ask to prophesy in your language so you hear the words from your own lips become familiar with God s leading and guiding ways (this is a time of supernatural accelerated growth)

  5. Chris, I have been getting nudged to be part of a ministry, prophectic one at that. I would love to join and perhaps God will guide me to share what I have seen and develop more. I am in Scotland and LOVE the Elijah and Elisha reference. Their spirit is so strong in these times
    God bless

  6. The very thing God Has been impressing on me, we are entering a new era THE ERA OF GOD S GOODNESS, this era will be punctuated with the UNITY OF THE SPIRIT we will all be speaking the same thing, Jesus will be High and lifted up our new Tower of strength and power all united under one quest the harvest of 1 billion souls. No storing up in these years of plenty being called to celebrate this great victory in Heaven will be the Highest pinnacle of this great quest

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