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  1. Jesus just revealed to me a deception in the church. They feel the presence of the Lord and think their ministry is good. But that is only the invitation to the wedding. Church leadership & attendees refuse to attend the wedding. For this they will be destroyed. In the parable of the 10 virgins. He told half “truly I tell you, I don’t know you.”. Even though they were all to be wed. We are at the end. The wheat and chaff is currently being separated.

  2. Brother Chris & Mrs. Bennett:

    Shalom to you both. Your Word confirmed to me, even as I had just posted Hebrews 10:31 last week, in what I was hearing. Seems when the Spirit of Lord wants to send a sure message, His voice hovers in the atmosphere- like a silent, yet perceptible call.
    Also of interest – you note you don’t have a TV. As I read that, I felt perhaps that’s why you so easily can “tune-in” to the sound of Holy Spirit. I wonder if the Lord ever thinks ….”finally a home without the noise-box on – someone who will listen without distraction”. The great message in your post – to me personally – is that you obviously give the Lord your time & full attention. So He is glad to show up, speak, & dwell there. Well done, Saint.

  3. I receive prophetic songs to intercede with and this Battle Hymn is the very one God planted in my heart about 2 years ago. I sing it ALL the time -still! And, it was those exact 2 verses u shared. I praise God for His Spirit of Prophecy ringing loud and clear in this time! He’s so cool!!
    The other song He gave me as a declaration over the USA was our national anthem The Star Spangled Banner. But it’s also for Israel “whose broad stripes and bright star(s) are so gallantly streaming.” Yay Jesus!! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, I pray I will not turn from You Lord. I think I won’t, but I know how weak I am. Have mercy on me Lord!

  5. My husband has received a similar word in a few sentences the night just gone.
    The Father is great.
    God bless you and protect his children.

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