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The Spirit of Antichrist Revealed in Facebook — 5 Comments

  1. Thankyou Jim
    You speak Gods Loving heart.1 cor 13
    I never wanted or had facebook or any social media.
    Just because Im not comfortable With this way to interact.
    But I have been watching you yube lately and Im horrified At the hatred from christians spewing out towards each other And im aware im not immune if im not filled with holy spirit
    Thanknyou again.:God bless

  2. If my people will HUMBLE themselves ….  Dear Jesus – we need you so desperately in this hour. Where is our compassion/our love for our family and friends that are hurting right now? Jesus – heal us as we draw closer to you and to each other no matter what box we checked or didn’t check on Tuesday.

  3. It’s really sad but all you have spoken is true. This spirit is rising up more so in church people than those who are non believers. It grieves my spirit to see this.

  4. Thank you for sharing this.
    Not only does these things expose the lack of obedience to God among the ‘believers’ but it also exposes that there is in reality no democratic system because if it had been a true democracy every one had accepted the outcome of the voting.

  5. Thank you Pastor Jim
    Right on the word we are in a serious day
    I myself am coming off FB this day due to what is being spoken from all this isn’t what’s best for me to read hate and F bomb words I choose to remain in intercession without all this So greatfull for you relationship with Christ blessings