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  1. After reading in your prophecy,”You will see Me strike the earth with the lightning of My righteous anger”, it reminded me of a vision I had very early in the morning of Dec. 14, as I interceded for America.  I saw a powerful messenger come down from heaven with a golden ring of arcing beams of Glory on his finger. He came down over a group of lewdly acting teens in Central Park, NYC. I watched as lightning shot out from his hand and struck a tree near them.  Three fell down as if dead.  The others were terrified, and ran out of the park.  I then saw as his face changed from anger to weeping and great compassion. Immediately I watched as a great torrent of pure water gushed forth from his belly.  It rapidly flooded NYC and then the whole eastern coast.  I then saw him fly to San Franisco to an affluent suburb to a place where a cult was having a ritual. Again I watched as a mighty torrent of pure water gushed forth from his belly. This water soon covered the entire west coast. I continued to watch as other messengers came to other parts of the globe and vast quantities of pure water gushed from them as well.  Soon the whole globe was covered with this pure water. I then heard from heaven,”The earth shall be covered with the Glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”  I know this was God showing me an awesome outpouring of His Glory in the days ahead. However, I feel the “if” of prophecy must be met – “If My people, which are called by My Name shall humble themselves and pray…” If we obey, “Out of OUR bellies shall flow rivers of living water.”

  2. Thank you for sharing this encouraging Word, sister. In addition to the Words He personally gives me, I store up all these additional Words from faithful and courageous brothers and sisters like yourself in my spirit and every few days they burst out of me in intercession. What a wild ride!

  3. Hello, this was shared with me as I have received about Gideon’s army mustering up, crossing over (to their promised land), receiving power , girding up their loins for active duty, and decimating the enemy camp! I can link the 3 videos if you wish.

    I also know of a couple who have been called Gideon.

    Blessings and praise the Lord!
    New Zealand

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