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The Tide Will Turn and Jezebel Will Be Thrown Down — 1 Comment

  1. Here is an extract from a recent prophecy. As I heard it, I sensed it as a promise and as His statement of intent.

    It was speaking about the finger of God

    In fact … the finger (of God and hence ours) has what it points at, and what it has, is also under its foot .

    It is interesting that the Hebrew word for finger is etsba “finger” as … etsba, also means “toe”.

    So if the single finger of God, contains authority and power, then by extension, so does the toe.
    For I now see, evil represented by a small roundish shape, the size of a dried pea. With the big toe of God, rolling it around with a touch of His toe, – playing football, “footy” with it so to speak … with great skill, yet effortless control and dexterity – and as enthusiastically and as avid as a crouched dog with a small ball held greedily between its paws.
    I feel … Satan’s spawning minions, will be thrown to the dogs as decisively as Jezebel was. (2Kings 9:10; 35-36)

    Thank you for His word and thank God for His purposes that He makes known, so they be achieved. Amen.

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