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The Wells Shall Spring Forth! — 2 Comments

  1. May I? Deep breath, and emotions are high. I am 61 years old, and have been fasting, doing all I can to be free of deaf and dumb. There are many conditions in my family, and would be honored, humbled, and truly grateful to speak with someone. There are curses in my husbands bloodline, that no one will accept. The Lord gave me a vision as well. Nicole in JESUS ARMS, being carried through the Red Sea. I got a chastening word as well, “NICOLE, Let ME (GOD), DO something. So have let go and LET GOD.  Just at a point this week, of discerning that abandonment, and rejection. Yet GOD HAS PROMISED, and AM NOT GIVING UP, He has brought me this far, and will never leave me.  619-312-8664 SINCERELY/RESPECTFULLY~ Nicole N

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