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The Word Manifested — 2 Comments

  1. Waw waw waw thank you Jesus for this word, my partner kept saying on Tuesday 3 data after His birthday, that day was different and I knew my spirit woman it was,was so peaceful like beyond Christmas day peaceful, God’s peace stood and is to now Amen, God is hovering everyday day of each His children. Thank you for Your daughter Father.

  2. I always look forward to reading the prophecies the Lord send through you. Incidentally, 8/25/2020 was the day we began a 3-day family fellowship on End-time, Rapture, and the Lord’s coming. I felt led to start a three day bible discussion with my family on those beautiful issues. Thank you one more time Ms. Mary.

    If it would ever happen, I’d be glad to stay connected with you personally, as I long more and more to do God’s will and to do my bit in helping gather His people so we can all make it home.

    Glory to God!

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