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  1. Awesome! Great subject I’m learning is deeper than I have seen lived out even by myself in the fullness.
    One part I can share I have been experiencing within a housing complex in my country where there is the hand out mentality among the lost, and they know I too will give out of my substance even though I am in the very same financial level.
    Yet I have seen each time I am used and abused by them “borrowing and returning not, I certainly receive far more than what I lost.
    An example is I gave a free lift to a neighbor to the shops because of the shortage and expense of buses it was cheaper and quicker to use my resources, but on the way home I came across a $700 steel floor lamp in perfect working and new order. So pretty much every time something very similar is happening, I was also meditating on the axe that was borrowed bible story how it was more precious and valued because it was loaned through kindness which thus opened the way for a miracle.
    “Give to him that would borrow of thee and ask them not again.” “It is more blessed to give than receive.”
    This last one requires wisdom in God to have the resources inflow so the outflow continues. Shalom!

  2. The Hebrew word “Damim” means blood, but also this same Hebrew word means money!  Powerful study on stewardship. Our spiritual identity changes in His Kingdom Economic System.  May God “open spiritual understanding of all who reads this. Grace to you. Nancy Holste Fall City, Washington

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