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There Is a Wild, Reckless Spirit That Is Being Loosed! — 6 Comments

  1. God supposedly tells you all of this stuff but it doesn’t line up with the actual Word of God, aka THE BIBLE! This is written as if you are God himself. I want to know how did God reveal this to you? A dream? Vision? Did he speak to you?

    Is there any practical action to take IF what your saying is true?
    -Do we take authority over all the power of the enemy?(like the Bible says to do)
    -or should we accept the detrimental fate you speak of and continually speak curses over America and act like God is unforgiving and angry…..NO!!!!


    • The prophets in the Bible in both the new and old testament spoke what the Spirit of the Lord was saying and not just what man wanted to hear or what was popular. And a good portion of the prophesies were not words of cupcakes, lollipops, and ice cream sundaes. God loves us and satan hates us. God is trying to help us and satan is real. God has never ignored the existence of demons and demonic spirits and activity on this earth.He revealed them to us back in biblical times and continues to today. We have to listen and obey God to thwart the plans and assignments of the enemy.We cannot walk ignore God’s direction and walk down the path of destruction and say,we’ll just do what we want and if we pray hard enough and speak what we want to occur, we will turn the dung into doughnuts. Sorry, not going to happen.

    • “Is there any practical action to take IF what your saying is true?”

      Yes,repent (change your direction) and obey God -not a politcal party and be delivered from racist paradigms. WWJD

    • It’s not biblical to state that there is division in the land?  If anyone has eyes to see or ears to heart, then it would be quite obvious to many that this state of affairs is ever-present and is growing, in the land and around us.  Indeed, yes the Holy Spirit does and has spoken to me quite often about this very subject. And yet God always provides a way out for those who would come to Him. That my friend, is biblical.

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