They Thought, They Were Rich


Each of the seven churches in the Prophecy, had an Angel.  I don’t recall many of us talking about that; and each of the letters, were sent to them.  Another writer made a comment, about how some who think themselves to be something, when they are nothing; and are not wise.  It appears that a lot of folk have backed off somewhat from quoting that one verse, that says, “If my people, which are called by . . . , “  2 Chronicles 7:14.   Could it be, that it may have something to do with us humbling ourselves?

The last of the seven churches mentioned here, had a very high opinion of themselves.  It seemed, that they had arrived.  One may say, we’re not from the backwoods anymore.  It wasn’t particularly cool, to be a Spirit-filled person, when many of us were young.  I am honestly grateful, that God blessed us and helped us to attain nicer places of worship.  It might not hurt some of us, to go back to an old-fashioned tent revival; with sawdust floors and slatted pine benches.  It could remind us, of where we all actually came from.

How could it be, that God’s people, would think they are rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing.  And honestly, that is the way they see themselves; but that is not, how the Spirit sees them.  Can any of us see, what a real tragedy that is; that He sees something different, when He looks at us.  In spite of the holy Apostles warning us, not to be arrogant, heady or high-minded, it may be, that too many did not hear that admonition.  In my town, there were good people, that didn’t even want to be around us.

What a terrible contrast.  Jesus said, that we were wretched, poor, blind and naked.  The modern church today, presents a very good cover.  Perhaps the prophet, in this hour, might instruct the entire congregation, everyone, to all get on their face before God, at one time, and ask Him, what does He honestly think about them.  Is the Spirit, pleased with what we are all doing; what does He see going on?   Ask humbly, “Holy Spirit of God, are we following the way you want to lead; do you have freedom, to operate as you so desire?”

In too many places, the reason we don’t know how the Spirit really see us, is because we haven’t asked Him.   We often give up some things, for progress.  I tell you; at one time, I did not know how the Holy Ghost truly saw me.  I thought I looked pretty good; that I was doing very well.  But how could I?

I was following someone else’s experience and teaching; I was too harsh and judgmental; I also believed we were the only ones right.  But worst of all, I did not love, as He loved.

I knew about Him, but I really did not know Him.  Holy Spirit, show me what you see in me; so I can be rich, in You.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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