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  1. Wowzers! I’m near-speechless,and Sister…that, in itself, is a difficult feat! Lol

    I was just released from jail ~ wrongly imprisoned for 15 days ~ all because of a false accusation from my ex fiance. I’m far from “out of the woods”, as I have 2 charges against me currently:

    The first, FELONY Assault and Battery and second, MISDEMEANOR Domestic Disturbance.

    My bail or bond… (I still don’t know legal terms)… was initially set at $50,000!!!! So in order for someone to get me out, we needed $5k cash and a cosigner to put their home or property “on the line” (in case I decided to flee town, not show up for court, etc.).

    I was knocked unconscious and awoke to the police outside my home, addressing me on their bullhorn. I probably cannot elaborate since this case will be in the court system for awhile yet. In short, however, I was “approached” by 4 or 5 officers, handcuffed and tossed in the back of a police cruiser.

    I’m amazed we consider ours a “Justice System” when, for me, it has been anything but. A fictitious phone call was dialed to 9-1-1, allegations were made and I was arrested. Period. I tried to argue the claims but the arresting officers didn’t listen and didn’t seem to care at all. So I invoked my Miranda Rights and kept quiet. (Finally spoke with a public defender, when I stepped into the courtroom early yesterday morning…at my preliminary hearing, 15 days later!)

    I guess what I’m trying to establish is this: Satan’s time is short and he’s like a rattlesnake caught in a fire. They can become so full of fear, they bite themselves, in their frenzy to escape! Though we realize “what Satan means for evil, God will use for good”….the road ahead may get a little bumpy. How many of Christ’s followers have we read were imprisoned? The Bible mentions several: Paul, John the Baptist, Joseph, Daniel (Lion’s Den), Samson, Peter and others.

    If our archnemesis cannot kill us, he will take us out of the picture anyway he possibly can! Illness, financial peril, depression, families torn apart, devastation of many kinds…. So we must, Must, MUST!!! be always prepared for battle!

    We are in a WAR and it is RAGING around us…more intense than ever before. Satan is out for blood. He’s that roaring lion…a rogue killer…and he’s attempting to DEVOUR you, your spouse, your children and your many family members. He’s at the doorstep, waiting for your guard to drop just long enough so he may KILL, STEAL and DESTROY your relationship with the Lord, your joy, peace, mental health, physical health, business/income, even your name and reputation!!

    It’s IMPERATIVE we Christians not allow our eyes to get focused on ANYTHING but Jesus! I speak this into the mirror as well, when I implore we stay prayed up, armor on, covered by the Blood, fasting regularly, repentant, in the Word daily and listening for the voice of our Lord. Letting our guard down ~ even a little ~ can have DEVASTATING results. I know. I’m facing some currently.

    I didn’t mean to write so much…It’s just that I’m suddenly burdened for my brothers and sisters who may be walking where I was last month: Not giving their all. Not 100% invested in the one relationship that defines their eternity. Unfocused. Harboring unforgiveness, bitterness. Priorities misaligned. Willingly sinning. Preoccupied with the things of this world instead of the things of God.

    There’s no time left to “play church”, straddle the fence or remain lukewarm. Don’t be VOMIT in your Creator’s mouth!! And don’t be the dog which returns to its vomit!
    The Lord gave me a dream in the summer of last year:

    In the dream, my friend said, “Jesus is finally returning on the 10th!”
    I quickly ran to the calendar, for I did not know the date. In the dream, it was the 9th of the month and my heart was immediately filled with anxiety and fear.
    “That’s tomorrow!!! And I’m not ready!!” I cried out.
    “I’M NOT READY!!!”

    Prepare. It’s time to get prepared! Time wasted is just that. Wasted. Gone. Past. No going back. Woulda shoulda coulda? Too late!

    Prepare for battle. It’s not coming. It’s already here. It’s all around you. The angels and demons battle, non-stop, for your soul.

    Don’t be caught without your armor on!

    And the Lord is saying, “Check it regularly for chinks”… weak spots, areas that leave you unprotected. (Meaning sin, doors that have been left open ~ knowingly or unknowingly ~ allowing the enemy to wound you.)

    “Some wounds are only superficial. Others are fatal,” says the Lord.

    P.S. Guess I wasn’t speechless after all

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