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Three Warring Angels over America! — 3 Comments

  1. Hallelujah!  I began praying before sunset in Friday 13 January for Israel and for America. I did not sleep for four nights in a row. I prayed and stay on Facebook callimg for others to call on the Name of Jesus to spare Israel and USA and give us more time. Many many were.

  2. Last night I saw a dragon serpent in Washington associated with the protest and I started to cry out to the Father and asked Him to send archangel Michael with his warrior angels to destroy the dragon serpent. I was praying all night! I awoke at 5:57 with a male voice sounded like my early father calling my name urgently to wake up. I was having trouble breathing while Sleeping. I felt as I was being smoothered. I thank God for our new president. I felt the winds of change this afternoon. Thank you for sharing your revelation with us.

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