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  1. Wow, you are spot on, for what happened to our family! It is a little long, but please bear with me… We started attending this church, my husband is ordained, but also has another job- they made my husband an assistant pastor. It is volunteer because the church is so small.  All seemed ok at first, but I recognized somethings were a little off. Now he won’t leave. They seem to love people and you feel not judged at all. They do not talk about sin much if at all that I had noticed. However, my opinion is that what was lacking in it was more of the Word of God. Which I would be the one to question it. HOwever, something happened with My teenage son- he was controlled by a boy in the church a year or two older than him and he was in a group of rebellious girls with that boy who needed parents to take charge. They were trying to turn our son against us,by making fun of us and our morals and values and introduced my son to not so great websites…it hurt us so badly my son was led wrong inside the church and that he showed loyalty to his friends when all kids were finally confronted on some issues. The parents of the one boy would tell us that I was over-protective and even the Pastor told me in front of my son that I was treating him like a 10 yr old. Because at the time, I myself, did NOT understand my actions, BUT I would follow them around when the boy would try to get my son alone and away from the church building outside.It looked to everyone that I was over-protective. I just did NOT know why I had felt to watch them. Until later when I found out this drama was happening in the church. It damaged my relationship with my son, because he would use that Pastor’s words against me when he would be angry..saying I treated him like he was 10. I felt the Pastor didn’t know what was going on either. My husband said NOTHING about it at the time…Anyway, the influences in that church were so bad for our family. Sad that while some of their parents were hanging around the church for hours these kids sneaked to target even during church services and I caught my son numerous times trying to follow them.  This was in church! I would say some things but no one corrected the kids in the church for the longest time. I was judged b.c. I took a stand and I told my husband that my son and I are leaving and going somewhere else. I know not every church is perfect, but at least it would give my son a chance to find wholesome friends and for him to see actual teens that are serious for God. My son was there for 5 yrs with them being there 3 of those years and my husband finally agreed that we could leave, as soon as we left, those kids and their families left too. Now there are no teens except for one girl who is 13. it is a small church that allowed this in for a long time.  I am sad for those kids, and I am hurt. I do pray for them to find the Lord and hope they get their lives straightened up. But thru those words you had said, it put words to what was going on in that church. it was Jezebel and Ahab spirits being used thru the teens. Our family is on the mend and my son and I still attend another church and my husband still won’t leave. I also believe the Pastor is a little controlling, but no proof. My husband is in agreement with what I chose to do with us leaving and I continue to pray.  Many thanks for sending out this Word and Now I understand more of what was going on and even why I acted the way I did. God bless you and your ministry.  D.R.

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