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Throw Your Fruit at the Devil — 3 Comments

  1. Sister, you cannot fathom the pain I had to bear 25 years long because of having a son, from a man who fathered at least 5 women and was no father to any of his children. Tonight, 100 miles from the place where I thought to get some rest when visiting a special family, all the reproaches, questions and explanations were raising up, and I finally quoted Holy Scriptures, psalm 130 and psalm 127, that children are a gift from the LORD, and how could a mother deny her child ? You surely know that Scripture as well.  I drove back by car under tears. It was almost a cry of despair, straight into the faces of Catholics who assumed wrong intentions. Got then messages on phone that all will be well. I responded, thay I trust my LORD that He will show them all very soon who I am. Your article made my day ! Thank you so much.

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