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Two Powerful Encounters Concerning 18 States of the USA — 5 Comments

  1. Veronica, thank you. There aren’t enough words to describe my gratitude to you for your diligence and obedience to the call of God for our Nation and for the Nations.
    He is so very pleased with You and you have such Favor with Him, our Abba Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.
    I look forward to eternity with you my beautiful sister in Christ!! :)

  2. You name 18 states in the list of your last post.  Actually, no you did not, you named 17 states and 1 city, Nashville.  We all know the meaning of 17, victory. If you look even closer, you actually named Washington DC as a state.  It’s not, it is a District.  So we now see 16 states, 16 means Love in scripture.

    Is Father hiding something from us in this message?

  3. Hi

    This is the link to this Prophecy:

    April 20th, 2007 – Humble, TX
    https://www.houseofdestiny.org/prophecy/word/?trid=8 (full prophecy)

    This is also in the prophecy:

    “God said I will take the African American rap artists, for you see the word rap means to strike and God said they have struck in the wrong place. They have struck at the women and they have belittled them, but God said it’s okay, it’s all right for Me to redeem. Those rap artists will become the rap artists of today and they will shall shake the African Americans of this nation. It shall not be the preachers in the pulpits for they will strengthen the body of Christ. But God said I’m going to take the scum and take those that they say are of no value, put My spirit upon them and God says they will begin to rap under the Holy Spirit and the power of God will strike a generation.”

    Also, this prophecy have a footnote to another prophecy.

    Grace and Peace from Him.

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