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Ukraine: Zelensky’s Days Are Numbered (Updated) — 8 Comments

  1. Good morning Veronika and everyone,
    yes, Ed’s comment is brilliant.
    I have just read on ‘uncut-news.ch’ that ‘Die Welt ( German major daily, respectable) has published a quite explicit article about S:”President Selenskyj’s secret dealings”. Background infos have been available for everyone who wanted to know. When Putin invaded to protect his people, not only the Russians in Ukraine but Russia from NATO and esp US aggression as Russia has been encircled along its Western and Southern border by NATO/US military installations incl Biolaboratories to develop and try the most foul stuff.https://uncutnews.ch/die-welt-meldet-zelenskis-beerdigung/ (English translation of Uncut-News. Ukraine is the trigger for the destruction of the Old Order

  2. Jeanine,
    The scriptures were written,mainly, in Hebrew and Greek – and both of these languages’s letters were ALSO their numbers. And, not only that, but in the ancient Hebrew the letters were also pictures.
    The numerical patterns that have been identified in our scriptures have been much studied and revealed a uniqueness that confirms that the text, in the original writings, were indeed God inspired.
    So, numerology is most definitely for us.

  3. Praise Jesus for notifying us about all these events to pray and thank God he has you as our messenger Veronika !!! It’s how l know what He’s doing in the spirit realm and what to pray for the Nations Amen great blessings for you

  4. Thanks for more confirmation of the word of the Lord, some may read this and see judgment do not be deceived what God is doing on the earth is all GOOD, yes the Holy Spirit’s fire is burning brighter and brighter and YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA it is getting hotter and hotter just jump into the fire and let it purge all those dead works your dead past all the useless debris so the new creature can grow and flourish DO NOT fight against the fire that would be a very wrong decision just like the prophecy points out

  5. Yeah great word. Now one for every other western leader please for they are all just as corrupt as that puppet.

  6. Amazing! Glory to God

    Has anyone else noticed the rhyming here
    8 = late
    5 = lied
    2 = you
    1 = done

    Then there is the biblical meaning of the numbers above
    The words in brackets are my thoughts

    8 = Eight represents a new beginning, meaning a new order or creation (Days are numbered – time is nearly up)
    5 = Five is the number of grace (the rejected period of grace is nearly complete?)
    2 = The number 2 conveys the meaning of a union, division or the verification of facts by witnesses (there is no hiding place)
    1 = The number 1 is only divisible by itself. ( Completeness?)

    Simple gematria
    8+5+2+1 = 16 = (1+6) = 7 = Completeness

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