Urgent Prayer Request for Apostle Bill Johnson


A dream concerning Bill Johnson and Kim Clement…!

Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson

I broke my fast today to share an urgent prayer request for Apostle Bill Johnson.

Bob Jones

Bob Jones

After posting the request [on Facebook] many of you asked me to repost the dream I shared in November 2016 about Bob Jones and Bill Johnson.

Kim Clement

Kim Clement

The Holy Spirit lead me to share the dream just one day before prophet Kim Clement died.  At the time the dream was incredibly intense and I felt extremely poignant for the Body of Christ.

Let’s continue to stand together in this hour and season for the many faithful prophets and apostles that we know and love across the globe.

A Word Concerning Bob Jones, Bill Johnson and Kim Clement!

“Two weeks ago, I had a very poignant dream about Bob Jones, Bill Johnson and Kim Clement.  Now as I have prayed over this strange dream, asking God for understanding and interpretation, the Father has begun to finally unravel and reveal different aspects of the dream to me and how I believe it relates to the Body of Christ in this hour.

Please bear with me as I am lead to share what I have heard, understood and seen to date.

Dream; in this dream I was standing in a hotel lobby area checking out of my room when suddenly I heard a loud voice speak on the overhead that said, “Attention, this is a nationwide call to pray for Bill Johnson and Kim Clement”!

On hearing these words, I immediately saw in the spirit a great contending for the lives of these two anointed men.  I felt an urgency in my spirit to pray and so I began to speak words of life over death.

I bound the works of the enemy and declared release and healing, then suddenly I looked up and across from where I was standing.  I saw Bob Jones seated in a comfortable armchair, where he was looking at his watch and seemed to be waiting for someone to arrive.

Then I heard a ‘ping’ sound and Bill Johnson stepped out of a lift and I watched as he walked across the lobby area to where he approached a man who had his back facing towards me at first.  But then he turned around and I saw that it was Kim Clement.

Now both men stood side by side, but Bob Jones seemed to go unnoticed by Bill and Kim, however Bob continued to look at his watch as if he was waiting with great expectation for something or for someone to arrive!

Now as I continued to watch Bill and Kim, I saw two other men approach them and they proceeded to lay hands upon Bill and Kim and they prayed for them.

Then again I heard a loud voice that spoke on the overhead speaker saying, “I AM the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.  I AM the God of Bob Jones, Bill Johnson and Kim Clement.

I AM the god of the past, present and future.  I AM the Father, the Son and the promised Holy Ghost.

Watch!  For now I AM revisiting the old foundations.  

Watch!  As My Spirit now moves to shake, shift, rebuild and reform the apostolic and prophetic ministry in this hour.”

The dream ended.

Now as I have prayed over this strange dream, this is what God has revealed to me so far.

Firstly, I saw that there is a battle going on in the spirit realm for the lives of Bill Johnson and Kim Clement.

(Let me be clear, unlike the current situation faced by Kim Clement which I am aware of, I am unaware of anything that Bill Johnson may be needing specific pray for either spiritually or physically, however I am simply submitting by faith what I have been shown in the spirit realm concerning Bill Johnson.)

Therefore I believe that we as the Body of Christ need to be faithful in this hour to be praying divine protection over both of these spiritual giants and their precious families.

Secondly, I see that even as there is a battle and a contending for the lives and ministry of Bill Johnson and Kim Clement.

So there is a great contending for the apostolic ministry and for the prophetic ministry in this hour.

Satan’s desire is to destroy the credibility and the authenticity of the prophetic ministry, hence this is why I believe so many prophets and prophetic people have been prime targets of the enemy in this last season.

I personally can testify to this!

I also see that another goal and agenda of the enemy in this hour has been to undermine the power and the authority of the apostolic ministry in the Body of Christ, hence why so, so many anointed apostles have also been targeted by the enemy in the last season.

Recently I have heard of many faithful and long standing men and woman of God who have just walked away from the ministry, either having been caught up in moral failure, sudden and unexpected health issues or even death, or just simply because they have become just too exhausted, weary and broken in spirit to continue on.

Back to the dream.  As I prayed about seeing Bob Jones, the Holy Spirit showed me that:

Bob Jones; (Father Abraham) represented an old structure/ foundation, the past seasons, but also he represents one that God had anointed to carry the message of the Father’s heart (love) to the nations.

Now is the time for the greatest harvest of souls that the world has ever seen, (Bob looking at his watch with great expectancy).

Bill Johnson; (Issac) represents the present and manifest promise to the Body of Christ, the apostolic ministry, a true son called and anointed to carry and establish the mandate of heaven upon the earth in this hour.

Kim Clement; (Jacob) represents the future generations, generational blessings, the prophetic ministry.  He also represents one that has wrestled with God, now called by a new name who carries a mandate for the nation of Israel upon his life.

As I continued to listen to the Holy Spirit, I kept hearing the words, “A divine demolition is coming to the Body of Christ.”

Prophetically I saw the Spirit of God moving to dismantle and destroy the old structures and the old foundations and I saw a new structure being built and established in the Body  of Christ in the areas of the Apostolic Ministry and the Prophetic Ministry.

I see the two coming together in a new way and with a new level of authority and power that will change and transform the nations of the earth, love and submission will underpin these two powerful ministries.

I submit, God is building a new platform and new foundation in the midst of His people from which many will stand upon to decree and declare the plans and the purposes of God to the nations of the earth in this hour.

Finally, I saw a fresh anointing coming upon the fathers and the sons in this season.  The Holy Spirit quickened to me His word which says, “He will turn and restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I will not come and smite the land with a curse.”

The Holy Spirit also showed me a generational blessing that is being released and poured out upon the Body of Christ in this season that will reverse every curse of barrenness and poverty that has robbed the Body of Christ of her true identity and Kingdom Authority.

I believe that we are about to see and experience a divine and unprecedented move of God that is coming with great momentum and acceleration to bring about healing and restoration to all of the five fold ministries.

Those sons and daughters who have walked away broken, battered and bruised by the ruthless onslaughts of the enemy, will suddenly find supernatural strength, power and wisdom to turn and return to that which they were first called, anointed and appointed by god to do upon the earth in this hour!”


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Urgent Prayer Request for Apostle Bill Johnson — 4 Comments

  1. To be delivered from witchcraft and sins vice grip and spirit of lust and spirit of murder and spirit of blasphemy and to live a holy life filled with the Holy Spirit.
    Kerala India

  2. Family members are Omana,Prasannal, Mary, John, Suni, Abija, Kanakam, Asish, Blessy.

    God’s plan may be fulfilled with our family members. God’s make use of our family members for your Grace. Divine wisdom, Divine Protection, Miracles Fire Anointing, Prosperity, Spiritual, Revival, Financial, Divine Holiness [Financial problem]. My Gospel ministry work Blessing & Extension, My postal job promotion & Extension. And also pray for my mother (omana) for curing her stock problem, smooth blood circulation and eye sight problems. My family house god’s blessing & extension.  I am working postal department kanaya kumara i Dist.  Padanthalu moodu . post office God’S blessing & extension ,Area people god’s blessing.my body divine fire anointing, good eye site.
    Please pray for us including the following things
    Postal part time employees 7th pay commission (kamelash ch andra pay commission report) arrear and complete benefits (allowances) from 2016 on wards
    Getting Postal rural insurance commission every month .
    Honourable postal minister Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad, New Delhi. & postal higher officers may Jesus provide blessings and continue his service for the development rural area post offices and poor people. 
    Blessing for my house fasting prayers.
    Please supports for us through prayer. Please send good prayer books, prayer shawl, prayer oil C.D.
    Thanking you , With much love &prayers.
    [From THIS DAY WILL I BLESS YOU] Hag 2;19. 

  3. Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but use own victims,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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