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  1. Praise God! God bless you, Pastor June Reinke! I pray that all is well with you and your family, that Jesus is the Center of your joy in/through him. I will be honest and a being a man of God, I’ve not always waited patiently for the Will of the Lord, trying to force, push, enter into a door that God hadn’t ordained for me to walk through.

    I Truly Repent unto Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,asking him to forgive me for not patiently waiting on him, his divine move, listening for his voice, not the other voices of lies from the enemy, to persuade, enticing me to walk the Broadway of destruction,not the Narrow Path, which is following Jesus Christ our Lord, as he builds those attributes needed to complete those who are apart of the True Bride of Jesus.

    Thank you, for sharing this message and Word from the Lord, Pastor June Reinke, for I have been found guilty. God bless all, I extend my love to the Church of Jesus Christ.️❤️

  2. O God, this is on time message.  I have been reminding God of his promises to me for the last two weeks. This promises He made at the beginning of the year have not materialised yet but this word encourages me to solder on with faith. Amen

  3. Thank You Father for reminding me that You are over all, through all, and in all, that You stretched out the Heavens and laid the Foundations of the Earth, that You do as You please with men and with angels, that You are the Creator, the Author and Finisher and in You ALL of Your Creation lives and moves and has our being. That Your Eye is upon us always.
    Help me today Holy Spirit to live from my position in Christ at the Right Hand of the Father in complete reflection of Your Image…I don’t exist anywhere else. And thank You Lord Jesus for the Power of the Completed Sacrifice which seated me there for ALL of Eternity, let the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation be released to consume me with this Truth today so that I can reflect You into every one You bring me into contact with, as wel as every circumstance and situation.
    Please bless and increase the ground these beautiful feet walk upon, and thank You Father for the many encouraging Words You’ve sent through her :)

  4. Thank you Lord for you are a Covenant keeping God. Nothing is impossible with you our God. Father, my heart cry is to know you more & be granted the Grace to trust & wait patiently on your timing for me. Thanks Pastor June

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