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Waking up a Sleeping Giant — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for the humor and the words we need, to get ready for a wake up call that is not very far in our future!!!His word is not void but is preparing us for that day.

  2. WOW! The fear of the LORD is an awesome BEAUTY. LOOOORD, THANK YOU, from the NORTH to the SOUTH thy WILL be done!

  3. This is incredible! I read your post daily Thank You for sharing! It is confirmation to me of dreams and visions that I’ve had since a young girl! I am 51 years old and I see what’s happening with our world and the sleeping church! Yes, I believe God is getting ready to shake everything like never before! I have been preparing for it most of my life. I hope I am truly ready! I pray for your safety and Gods blessing!

  4. Amen, excellent post and illustration. I wonder how many will read, understand and wake up! Real revival won’t come until a move of wake-up and repentance by the church happens. Thanks for sharing, God bless!

  5. Yes Lord, we declare the church will wake up and see and hear and receive and get excited about what you are saying today through your prophets and remnant. Powerful words Chris. Thank you

    • Chris, that made me really laugh out loud. I love how the Lord presents us pictures that speak volumes and wake us up to a joyful noise when I respond to His humor and then HE brings in the message that follows his “wake up” moment that brings us to a crossroads of choice. It is a life or death situation that boils down to light or darkness in this hour. Thanks for sharing! Great word. Grace, blessings and peace to you and Linda! Sandi

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