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  1. Good evening I have a question. I would like to know if God has given us authority to bind satan in the word… So is it right to say ‘I bind you satan…’ When we pray? I have sought thus far and have not found any affirmation regarding this matter

    • Dear Chantel,
      The authority to bind and loose is found in Matthew 16:19 which says “And I will give the keys of the kingdom of Heaven to you.  And whatever you may bind on earth shall occur, having been bound in Heaven, and whatever you may loose on earth shall occur, having been loosed in Heaven.”
      To understand how to use this authority in prayer, I suggest you download and read Bill Subritzky’s free e-book “Keys to God’s Healing & Deliverance.”  I believe this book will answer most, if not all of your questions – see page 139.
      I pray this helps.
      Blessings in Christ,

    • Jude 9 archangel Michael says the Lord rebukes you Satan.
      Not even an Angel would rebuke satan. We have power to cast out demons inside of ourselves and other people but we don’t go against principalities and rulers of darkness. We can pray for … not come against.
      If a demon or principality has legal rights then you have no business coming against it.
      You can pray for that city or person etc
      Everything works on a judicial system.
      Legal rights must be broken first.
      Follow the Holy Spirit not man made theology.

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