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Prayers Releasing the Fire of God — 3 Comments

  1. I read your book about the Holy Sprit. Thank-you I do have a prayer language. I do give money to help Israel, I do witness to people when
    led. But I still live with financial struggles, so I ask for the Holy Fire of
    God to burn out all sin, that I do not even know about. Clean me Lord
    let me become useful for you use. In Jesus name amen.

    • Please pray my name is Michelle renee read our riddle please pray that God since his holy fire to burn up everything that I’m feeling a on me for Masonary masonic for my ex-husband that’s cause all these things these problems going on going through stocking cyber stocking trying to hire an attorney for domestic violence so much more and asking for the fire of God I never realize what I was married to for so long I took a picture of him and over the top of him laying over the top of him while he was sleeping with a huge demon in this photograph stuff with Derby from his mouth into his I think of all the years I was married to him thinking that that thing I was sleeping with two please pray for me thank you

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