Warning Comes Before Destruction! — 5 Comments

  1. We are not black there’s no such thing as a black man or white man we are many different shades of Carmel from light Carmel to dark.Carmel we are the seed of Jacob we are the Hebrew Israelites. We are not Africans just as a Chinese is not a Japanese. Yes we are that lost scattered nation according to the scripture the Apple of the Most High as eye. Our redemption has already been declared therefore it shall be done. Shalom

  2. Man has been rejected because of Our sinful nature and to Accept Christ as Our Personal Savior and Have A Real Personal Relationship is All that Will Matter after We Take Our Last Breath, So Be Encouraged, God Loves Us and Christ is Interceeding on Our behalf, All of this is Temporary, but On the Other side is Eternal. One of my Favorite songs is when I see Jesus Amen, All of my troubles Will Be Over, Amen.  Stay Encouraged because eyes haven’t seen nor have ears heard what God has Prepared for Those that Loves Him, We have Something to Look Forward to, Eternal Life and Not Torture!

  3. Wow! I am in agreement. This is such a powerful teaching! Well done my beloved. I love you. God bless you! Amen and Amen

  4. For a lifetime I have been called nasty demonic names by “church”. Cast off. Ran off. Voted out. Its been ugly. I have never inderstood it.

    All I want to do is serve and help. I have had personal struggles with severe depression but I try… I try so hard. I know God loves me..and I never want anyone else to feel alone or useless…so I push and I try to serve and help.

    And I get called names. And worse…

    Thank you for your post.. seriously..thankyou. today was really rough. Your words from the Father lifted a heavy burden off my chest today.

    Thank you for interceeding on behalf of the Body of Christ. :) .

  5. I disagree, this has everything to do with racism.  This country has never truly repented & restored to those of us who are descendants of enslaved Blacks that were either taken from another continent-Africa/Alkebulan or for us Blacks who have descendants who were already living in the Americas & then were made into slaves by the Gentiles/Western Nations, Russia, etc.  They stated we were 3/5ths of a human being & bred us like animals…..We were their chattle….What ever we created or gave birth too, i.e. children, inventions, work earnings, etc., the Gentiles owned/controlled it. The Native Americans (this administration has gone above & beyond), the Japanese, Muslims from the middle east, Gentile Jews (Khazars), etc. all been repaired, i.e. reparations, except for the enslaved Blacks of America & their descendants.  This country needs to REPENT & repair the wrongs done to the Blacks of America.  We must go back to studying scripture according to its Eastern/African roots & not the Gentile teachings.  Things are going to change (to some for the better, to some for the worst); the times of the Gentiles are coming to an end….Shalom.

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