Warning of Asian Financial Market Downturn

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Warning of Asia Financial Market Downturn

An update on my Hong Kong rain / market dream:

The more I leaned into prayer concerning this reoccurring dream/ vision I believe there was a dual meaning to it.

We are about to see major shifts and downturns in the Financial Markets coming forth now.

The Asian Market will be one of the identifying markers of this shaking.

However, there is a place in the realm of God where under the umbrella of His covering.

There will security and safety in Him.

This was the dream:

I keep having a dream that I am standing on a Main Street in downtown Hong Kong during a heavy down pour, speaking concerning the [Financial] Market.  This is the fourth time, the area was very distinctive.

I feel this is an indication of Financial Market shift.

Reflections During Elul

Many times, our vision becomes so filled with great desires of accomplishing goals, along with coming into seasons of elevation.  They are of great importance when it comes to everyday challenges.  

While I believe that within us the divine nature of Christ will lead us to a life having fruitfulness, multiplication, replenishing and subduing qualities…. while pursuing these things we must not forget the importance of dealing with others.

That same divine nature should also lead us to view things from a heart perspective.  Where loving, caring and adding to the lives of others becomes a natural way of laying our lives down for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The conflict comes in trying to determine what is more important and how can we do both. So while pursuing the path of great achievements we must pray that the two work together releasing a “Kingdom Culture.”

The true character of Christ will teach us how in our purpose we pursue both but not to compromise one for the other.

During the process of giving one’s heart to so many there becomes a tendency to walk away from wanting to lay down one’s life to pursue the life of achievement and accomplishment, but they really work hand in hand.

I could hear the LORD saying, “So while you sow into the lives of others, know you are blazing a trail that may sometimes seem too arduous, too lonely, too giving.

But while walking in it, you will actually find yourself reaching the other, in ways that could have never been expressed any other way.”

The most important part to God is: How did we go about achieving the path we took and what route did we take to get there?

If we compromise the laying down our lives for others, It can determine if we ever really attained what we were looking to achieve in the first place. . . . .

 “Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren,”   1 John 3:16 (KJV).


Original Hong Kong Rain / Market Dream

1 September 2017 at 03:25 a.m.

I keep having a dream that I am standing on a Main Street in downtown Hong Kong during a heavy down pour, speaking concerning the market … this is the fourth time, the area was very distinctive … I feel this is an indication of financial market shift.


~ Phyllis Ford

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