Warriors Arise!  It is time!

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Come Up Higher!

I prophesy in this hour:  You are moving from faith into Knowing, from believing into Seeing, from mystery into Manifestation, from intimacy into Deeper encounter.

I hear the Father say, “My child in the midst of wrestling, I have been revealing to My people My nature, My sovereignty, My providence, My power and My glory which is now revealing and reflecting to them true sonship, their true identity, true purpose and Kingdom destiny.

In the midst of intense wrestling I have been preparing the hearts of my people and drawing them through the doorway of “Deeper encounter” with my glory and power.

I AM inviting them to come up higher, to come closer and to come deeper, I AM leading them into a place where we will come face to face!”

I see your season of intense wrestling turning to a season of supernatural and divine resting.

Watch!  Restoration of all that has been lost and stolen draws nigh!

Warriors Arise!

I hear the Spirit of God say, “Warriors arise!  For it is time to throw off restraint, and run with resilience and reap the rewards!”

Friends, listen I hear heaven declare over you “Run“.

In this season, we are being equipped to run towards our true Kingdom purpose and true Kingdom destiny.

I prophesy:  You will not run from your reality, but you will throw off restraint and run with supernatural resilience and reap the great rewards of increase and kingdom prosperity.

I see the heavenly cheerleaders shout out your name!  Arise and run with greater perseverance, resilience and patience!

I see in the spirit the feet of His saints.  Many have been entangled and ensnared by the wiles and vicious schemes of the enemy.

You have experienced delays, detours and great set backs.  You have worn the cloak of disappointment and disillusionment.  But now I hear heaven declare over you the freedom to run with acceleration and determination.

The wind of awakening is causing you to move with greater force and fortitude.

Watch!  There is a supernatural momentum that is moving and shifting you into a place of manifest rewards.

“Run, run, run”, says the Spirit of God. Do not look back, do not stay still, there is a fresh fire forging a highway in the spirit that will now break forth.

Watch for a new way and a new day is now being birthed.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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