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Prophetic Word for April 2017 — 6 Comments

  1. Amen i am glad to hear this. I need to spring forth.
    During Passover the portals of heaven are permanently open.
    Brethren, let us use this week which begins monday evening to pray, declare and thank our risen christ for our salvation, deliverance and breakthrpugh

  2. Glory to God in the Highest! ! The Lord God put a song in my heart recently and gave me a personal word, “New Day”! And I just thank you for your words of hope and blessings and love it when it’s from God’s people. So encouraging so!

  3. Thank God for the delivery of this message. I recieve it with joy and gladness in my heart as a long awaited confirmation. Be encouraged that God is using you as His mouthpiece cause He gave me a double word in this message.

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