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Watch for a Hurricane of Blessings & Abundance! — 4 Comments

  1. What a glorious God.confirming His word to me and my wife through this vision. Father we believe your word,bring it to past now without any further delay in Jesus name.

  2. This is awesome only God almighty can do that my trust is fully in His providence He is not a man that He should lie thank you for sharing with me.

  3. I am watching Abba, I receive your Words, for the abundance of blessings headed my way. Glory, What a Rhema Word, being spoken. I decree it in Jesus name, It is a done set word. I see with the eyes of Faith.
    Thank you Abba, Wow, this is so awesome, so awesome. I love you Abba !

  4. Wow! Amen and hallelujah! Praise Elohim. Thank you for helping me to learn how to see with my spiritual eyes. What a blessing.

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