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Watch The LORD Beat the Enemy at His Own Game — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you dear Sandi!
    As ever, there is much to glean here…
    I see a vision of the Remnant as a young medieval warrior on horseback, before battle… heading down a promenade lined on either side by gleaming gold warriors on horseback carrying battle flags of the homeland….

    Hebrews 11:34b tPt “Faith sparked courage within them
    and they became mighty warriors in battle, pulling armies
    from another realm into battle array.”

    you wrote,
    “It is a time of Unprecedented Challenges, Compromises, and Crisis.
    …time to access your position…

    {Hasn’t this been the primary focus of this last year and a half?!}:
    “I AM calling you to come unto Me and ‘practice the pause’ that will allow you to focus only on your relationship with Me….
    I informed you that this was an appointed time set apart to enable me to fulfill My Purpose and Call…”

    {Yes…Takes my breath away…}
    He has called us out as a
    known by our fruit…
    “They have been forged in the fire and proven ‘tried and true”. The world shall see and know them by their identity in Me”

    {May we bear Hallmarks of courage, wisdom and love…}

    * note Valley of Vision: Isaiah 22:5

    • Dear Shelley, This is truly our appointed time! You amaze me with your confirmations of every word! God richly bless your heart that hears his heart with such clarity. You have SO blessed my life in this “change-over” time..God knows. So much love and prayers, Sandi

  2. There is so much here of great importance. 

    Two years ago almost to this day I felt that the Lord was showing me that a “reset” and great change was coming to my nation.  I now realise of course, that it is coming to many, if not all, nations.  The present witchcraft spell on the world can only end, shall end and is presently ending with the Lord’s direct intervention.  When David took out Goliath, the Israelite warriors were then able to advance; when the Lord takes down the giants of big Pharma, big Tech, big Government and their lying false prophets in the media, a cry will go up for the remnant church to advance.

    • God bless you Mark for your excellent insight and expressing so well the sum of things and oh yes..we are in the RESET of all times, all nations, Thank you for such encouragement. Many Blessings, Sandi

  3. Thank you Sandi.  The Lord continues to use your posts to give me confirmation, encouragement and guidance just when I need it.

    • Hello again Robert, So good to hear from you and so refreshing that there is continuity in the guidance and confirmation from the Lord. Thanks so much for your comments. Many blessings and prayers, Sandi

  4. Sandi, just a small quote from you for now.

    ..”return to the Joy of your Salvation, return to Truth, return to Hope, return and receive your Reset.”

    Words could never convey how much this Word means to me! I am going to read back on a lot of it as it speaks and brings confirmation.

    Especially the ‘RE’ parts. I will expkain when I get more understanding.

    For now: Two times a total note just ‘disappeared’ that I was writing for HKP.
    The only letters on the Page left was ‘RE’.
    Now I’m thinking of the Word Reset. God knows and I want to pray into more.

    Yes we must write the Vision. Father is giving us New Assignments for 2022!

    It’s not over but just beginning, a Closer Walk with the Great I Am that I Am. Love and prayers.

    • Wow, dear Joyce, I believe the intercession you are in is part of the RESET for many who are aching for deliverance, healing, and hope for tomorrow and it is time to prophesy to those DRY bones. The atmosphere you described so well to me of “dry” was a confirmation of the aching down in the bones and dryness. What an instrument of intercession you are as you sense and feel and move with God’s heart. You hold the pen of the ready writer and accurately scribe His heart. You are a blessing to the body of Christ. Much love and blessings, Sandi

  5. At about 3:30am this morning, I once again found myself putting the spirit of witchcraft under the Feet of the Head of every power and principality, taking my position in Him and drawing deeper into His Presence, and I said, “I hate witchcraft Lord.” He answered, “So do We.”
    I love every Word He spoke to me through you Sandi, it was truly a special gift of encouragement, and I plan to go through it more throughout the day.
    Thank you both!! :)

    • My dear Cheri, I appreciate your kind words and I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that if God’s words through me only reach one person’s heart and need, I am delighted because He would have me send it just to reach that one heart that is calling out to HIM. Isn’t HE the very BEST Father?I rejoice with you. There were a lot of details in this word especially the older one excerpt but they tend to cover a lot of issues we all are dealing with. I pray that as you go through each REset..you are able to bury the dead things, speak life to the present and hope to the future as you hold onto His unchanging hand. Praying for you. Much love and blessings in 2022! Sandi

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