Watch What I Do!


I desire mercy and not sacrifice, I have said.  So though men do not deserve it, when you show it to undeserving men or women, it is a character trait like Mine.

For I AM good to the ungrateful, even as I have been good to you when you have been ungrateful.

I love you and adore you, and you are My precious daughters and sons!  I feel that way towards all My creation, though they spit on Me, and gnashed at Me with their gritted teeth, I died for them.

I AM about to do some transformations in such men, who think they know everything who think because they have everything they could ever want, they don’t need Me!

I will bring revelation, and I will bring judgment depending on what is best for the situation, but watch and see what I will do in them who think they have Me all figured out !

I will take those who play ME for a fool, and they will eat the dust of the earth and grovel for mercy when I am done!  I will shake their foundations and they will know that I AM GOD!  They will no longer think they can do ANYTHING apart from ME

! Watch how I come into seminaries and shake them!  Watch how I shake institutions of “higher” learning!

Watch how I come into the palaces of KINGS and Rulers and SHAKE them to their knees!  For I AM ALMIGHTY!  And though they have defied ME, they will bow down at MY FEET and yours!  They will KNOW that I have loved you!  The power of the CROSS will heal even the most hostile and wounded soul!

There will be those who are beyond foolishness, and who have given themselves to wickedness, that will be ushered into MY KINGDOM, and they will cry out and bring in MANY MORE!

I will take Mafia bosses and turn them into tender hearted bravehearts!  I will take drug lords and turn them into Joshuas for My Kingdom!

THERE is NOTHING too powerful for ME to heal and save and deliver!

I will take sons and daughters who have abandoned ME entirely thinking I have abandoned them in their woundedness, and terminate all the power of the enemy in their lives, and they will go forth singing and shouting with JOY in their hearts and the power of the HOLY SPIRIT ruling in them, and they will subdue nations and peoples for the sake of My KINGDOM!

Will you pray and WORSHIP ME as if you believe that?  Will you DECLARE MY NAME and DECLARE MY LOVE AND MERCY to ALL who come to you?

Will you embrace the CROSS, as I move among you and awaken the hearts of the LOST?

KNOW that this will be MORE than you can imagine!  KNOW that I AM DETERMINED to have a HOLY and SPOTLESS BRIDE, and nothing can stop ME!  Those who oppose this move, will find themselves in deep MIRE.  Though they fight, they will not prevail.

For the Son of Righteousness is arising with HEALING in His WINGS, and there will be STARTLING MIRACLES and SIGNS AND WONDERS !

Upon it’s back will come LYING SIGNS and WONDERS by demonically inspired people that will try to mimic what I dobut like Jannes and Jambres, they will not succeed.  MY POWER will be UNSTOPPABLE. MY LOVE will penetrate the hearts of EVERYONE who calls themselves by MY NAME!

It will expose to all the condition of their own heart and many will be in the VALLEY of DECISION. Should they EMBRACE THE CROSS?

Or should they be politically correct though that status will soon mean nothing in this nation !

MY PLANS will overrule the plans of any man!  I AM desirous of HARVEST, and there will be a great flood of souls coming into the KINGDOM, so GET READY MY PEOPLE!

Get ready, for the MIGHTY ONE is coming and YOU WILL NOT BE LEFT OUT, if you are IN ME!  Many will come, and many will not, but I will have a GREAT HARVEST of souls!

Do you hear the sound of RAIN?

Do you hear the THUNDER?

The clouds are gathering!  Get ready to REAP ! SUDDENLY I WILL COME INTO MY TEMPLE!


~ Priscilla

Priscilla Van Sutphin of Upstream Ministriesby: PRISCILLA VAN SUTPHIN of Upstream Ministries, California &
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Watch What I Do! — 1 Comment

  1. Amen
    I love you Lord with all my heart and soul.
    Come With MIGHT and POWER to save the lost and wounded.
    satan IS A DEFEATED FOE.
    Wonderful saving, transforming grace to all believers everywhere xx