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We Must First Tear Down our Idols — 10 Comments

  1. DEAR SISTER, I understand EXACTLY what you are saying. No need to explain. I have repeatedly stated the same thing, starting back in early 2021. People do tend to misunderstand, however. I tell people the BIG ISSUE is to be prepared to participate in the Holy Ghost Outpouring and final harvest. God will take care of Pres. Donanld Trump, as we are continue to pray for him, of course. I tell others, he is like David in the Old Testament, and many men and their families gathered around David because they recognized the God-given leadership mantle that he carried.  David was not God, however, but he carried that anointing. David was human and was subject to make mistakes as we all do. The man whi joined his group were mighty men of valor and God blessed them to do exploits. I tell people that God will use his remnant church to assist the president in the recovery and restoration of our nation, and we have to be prepared to step into that role. BUT regardless God and His Word must be the focus. Actually if believers persist in placing their whole emphasis and trust in President Trump, they can actually create some problems. It could have some undesired consequences because God will not tolerate idolatry. Bottom line, many thoroughly understood God’s word released through you on this matter. God richly bless you. Keep up the faithful good work.

  2. You “betta” speak by the Holy Spirit woman of God! In desperate times, people will desire a “Deliverer” – God will always anoint / send a “Moses” His “sent” One/s. Amen. Pray Church.

    • Absolutely we must speak by the Holy Spirit! Thank you mWilliams for coming by.
      Yes the Lord may send His anointed ones in desperate times! That is for sure.
      As Christians more than anything else, we need to just not let anyone become an idol to us! That was what the Lord’s message was about, if you read carefully. Maybe perhaps I misunderstood you? Blessings~

      • Great message. Carefully read and I’m reaching toward carefully said, to share w/your message of idols..it can be political parties, even ministry / denominations can be an idol, where rituals are valued over relationships. As “ray” of hope, what I wanted to convey, is often in tumultuous times, people look for a “deliverer”. For example the 60’s movement. We can agree or not whether God may – or WiLL anoint and send a “deliverer” – Surely, it will rest entirely according to our faith Matt. 9:29 Isaiah 6:8 as we pray. God bless you!

        • I thank you much mWilliams for clarifying. You have much insight and wisdom on this. I appreciate you!
          Also I felt to publish another article re:this post. I am hoping to being more clarity on the message itself. ❤️

  3. Joyce; I say Amen! We, my husband and myself have been warning Christians and non Christians for that matter f or awhile now. God showed how many were worshiping trump!! God hates this! How heartbreaking to see people saying even now, when trump gets back into office, things will change! And on and on it goes.. so we just remind them that Jesus is our God, and He is the one we need look to! Hallelujah!

    • Thank you Mary. Some may misunderstand my message even, but I had to post what the Lord spoke.
      We have to look to the Lord first and foremost for our answers.
      The Lord wants our whole hearts. He is to be our only Lord and Savior as you know, instead of making anyone out as a god!
      I know some don’t view that particular candidate that way. Still the Lord was addressing the idolatry issue with a lot of people.
      God bless you. ❤️

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