We’re not Ready!


I didn’t know this was here.  I’ve read it many times recently; I’ve always known that it has a special message.  It wasn’t in the Gospels, or even in the first part of the Book of Revelation.  It was past the middle of the Book. “If any man have an ear, let him hear.” (Revelation 13:9)  It is the comments that were made in the two verses before it, that stopped me in my tracks.  You see, many of us were taught, that we would be gone from this Earth already; and we’re obviously not. We’ll see some things.

Every time I have read the above verse, no matter where it was written, I had the strongest feeling, that many are not going to listen.  It will ouch a lot of folk, if you say, they won’t have the ear.  It doesn’t matter either, that in this very same Book, that John said this to the churches he was instructed to write to.  I realized a few minutes ago, that this is not meant for those who do not want to hear; it’s meant for those who do.  And to all the types of gainsayers, this is not about fear mongering; it’s about being prepared.  I’m not debating it, I refuse to argue about it; it’s way too late for that.

The Spirit, has been trying to say some things to the church, for quite a long time now.  People have spoken on here, that there are things coming upon us that we might not be expecting.  They felt the Holy Ghost move them to say it, even though they might not have known exactly where it was written so.  But the Spirit knew.  If we look around us, we see things in motion, that many of us were told about, a long time ago now.  There has been a plea from the Spirit, for those who are in the body of Christ, not to allow themselves to be distracted in these days. Many won’t hear it.

Some time ago, the cry went out concerning the idea that there was a lot of entertainment going on in our churches.  Truthfully, many did not take this admonishment seriously, because it came from a source that did not really meet with our standard of approval.  We have to be careful about how God works; He uses people and works in certain ways, that are not our ways and with those who may not measure up to our yard stick.  He told us that, very plainly in His Word; and He told us why.  No one, will glory before Him.

I told the Lord, that I do not have the words, or the ability, to speak what needs to be spoken on this subject; only He can do that.  As these days are progressing, it is even more crucial, that we listen to the voice of the Spirit.  I’m not saying we’re not ready to go to Heaven, or to make the rapture.  No, not at all. What I feel the Spirit is saying, is that we are not prepared for so many of the things we are likely facing in the days ahead.  No army, can sit idle, without drill or practice, or without remaining on alert.  In many ways, our children, and even our grandchildren, do not know how to do battle in the spirit realm; so many of us, haven’t taught them or instructed them.

I will end this, and let the Spirit speak to each person, as He will.  Being so lulled to sleep by being lost in some program or tradition, just will not do.  We need to get on our faces before Him, and ask Him where we are in all of this, and what we must do to be prepared.  Our own, soul salvation.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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