What Signs, do you see?

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What Signs, do you see?

While people, especially Christians, continue to fight and argue on what they think the scriptures say, the signs, keep appearing. Is it possible, that the body of Christ, will not truly begin to pull together, until the tribulation becomes so intense, we have no other choice?  It is possible to become angry and frustrated, over the simple truths that so many are determined to ignore; ignorance, about all of Satan’s devices.

If you can keep the Body splintered, and cut up in all kinds of sections and groups, it makes sense, that the strength of the whole Body, becomes much less intense and focused.  All of those who think they are in tune with the Spirit, should be hearing things, they’ve never heard before.  It is a fact, that God will be revealing things in His Word, we may not have even seen until now; things meant for this very day.  Remember, “he that hath an ear.”

Many, are going to be deceived.  What do we see today, happening in the world around us and even abroad.  Look at Mark 13.  Ask the Lord to open our eyes and our ears; reveal to us what these signs are; let us see now.  “For in those days, shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation, which God created unto this time, neither shall be.”   Can one ask, how did those preaching and teaching, lead us to think that we would not endure any serious tribulation; we’d just be swept out of here.

The Elect.  Many of us were taught, that the Elect mentioned in these verses, were talking only about God’s chosen people; not about we of the Gentile church, that was grafted in.  You see, many will perhaps get tired of hearing this: If we would have searched the scriptures for ourselves; we would full know what the apostles later said about the elect.  Through the blood of Jesus Christ, we are also God’s people; with the full inheritance rights like all others.  So, what signs, are we seeing, even as we speak.

God has already shortened these days; read it close.  We are human.  And there is only so much humans can take.  Yes, the Spirit will most certainly help us, lead us and give us strength.  As many have said, God knows just how much we can bear.  If Jesus Christ sits back, and the enemy is allowed to take complete control of this planet,  if you cannot buy and sell without a certain number; how long would we all last.  Do we see that sign even now.  Yes, we don’t live in fear; NOT if we go even deeper into the Spirit.  Look up.  Do encourage one another.  Don’t be afraid, but remain alert; and watch.

Cleansing Ourselves

Somehow, we have been led to believe, that we should depend on the Spirit, to do all the work we need done on ourselves.  We must have thought, that when we received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, the work was done.  It seems, we thought people just became instantly perfect; sins washed away, life completely changed and every thing is automatically better.  When some new converts still struggled with some things, we in our own wisdom, said, they didn’t really get the goods.

Another very dear program, taught me that, even after I stopped the vice besetting me, the work had just begun.  You had to work on yourself; every day, every hour; for the rest of your life; if you wanted complete serenity and desired to remain free.  It seems that many of our folk, got at least part of what Paul said to the Corinthians; cleansing ourselves, from all filthiness of the flesh.  But, that’s why so many looked good, on the outside; however, what was on the inside, did not match what over people thought they saw.

Now God, will give us all the help we need to overcome those things that are difficult for us.  The Spirit, can change people instantly; it happens all the time.  But most of the time, we have to work on ourselves.  It’s often the spirit people have presented to others, that made those around them very uncomfortable.  Our own spirit, can wound others deeply.  It needs washing.

Paul said that he died daily.  He did not say that the Holy Ghost did all of the work.  He had to humble himself, clean up his own act and be willing to change his attitude; on a frequent basis.  He knew he could become very self-righteous; God knew it too.  We need to re-consider, if our nasty spirit and attitude, pushed people away from us; and also away from the church.

Many want to claim the last part of this scripture, but not the very first part.  Because, after we do the first requirement, then, we can go on to the other step: “perfecting holiness” and notice the last words, “in the fear of the Lord.”  We can’t do the last part, without doing all of the first part.  Some of us need a re-washing.  But, I can’t ask God to cleanse me of some things, if I am told in His Word, that I need to do it myself.  My flesh, and, my spirit.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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  1. Thank you man of God for the word. The word of God purify and cleanse us. It searces our heart. In the boofk of Psalms 51 says ” Create in me clean heart LORD. I agree with you man of God that the spirit can change people instantly. Paul is a good example. I thank God everyday for your life. You are equipping us with good knowlege. That is so sweet and marvelous for the Kingdom of God. Glory to the King! Amen