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When My Vow Became a god — 1 Comment

  1. Yes. I also realized that I did things, like making sure things is rightly folded or placed or done so that nothing bad will happen… nothing negative will happen.  Always afraid something bad will happen so I make sure I don’t do something wrong. Now that we are in a mess, I can’t understand why and why we struggle to get out of it and why God seems to take forever before intervening and helping us out. I can just keep honoring Him as God and trust He haven’t abandoned us and is with us… I don’t know how we’ll get out of this but MAYBE I need to ask Him to help us get through this… whole stronger and better not broken and faithless! May He do this for us. Help us by His might and strength and Spirit to get safely through this and be stronger and better when we get through in Jesus Christ name. Amen! He has just given this to me. Thanks.

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