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When Satan Gives Judas the Financial Seat at the Table — 14 Comments

  1. Praise God! Amen! God bless you, beloved Brother in Jesus Christ our Lord! A powerful break down of God’s Word, which very much so needed now, at such a time as the current. Thank you, for sharing this teaching, much appreciated. The only way one can truly be led as I see the anointing of God in your life, is spending time on our knees in prayer, fasting, praise and worship, getting to know Jesus Christ, His Ways, His Complete Truth, learning about the Holy Spirit the Divine Person, not grieving or quenching the Spirit of God, but giving him free reign our lives. God Bless and love you brother.

  2. Abel, you are such an amazing teacher and lover of God. Thank you so much for the indepth understanding of the real truth of finances..it is a very high form of covetedness in the whole, church and the minds that control. This gives us so much to ‘chew’ on. Forever grateful, dear brother, Sandi Holman

  3. Thanks for the great insight and understanding into the seat occupied by the devil, you must have received the revelation from the Holy Spirit. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It’s what you do with it. Are you feeding your gluttony? Are you asking Holy Spirit to help you know how to spend your money? Do you have peace in Jesus even as the devil attacks your finances? When you give does your mind think, oh i coulda bought groceries. Which makes you not a cheerful giver.
    Money reveals the intentions and thoughts in your heart. You can ask God for help in every spending situation. I’ve had more than enough of attacks, but God is faithful and He helps me see and experience His goodness and provision. Even similar to being fed by crows… I give God all the glory.

  5. Very deep and I’m listening to gain more understanding into this. I will reread as time permits. Thank you for sharing, Bro Abel.

  6. Oh Abel Praise, sooo true!!
    I often wonder where finances will be when the Sons of God truly take their rightful seats and the Kingdom of God is released in Living Color throughout the Earth….what need will we have of silver and gold when all is put in order….will we pave the roads with it as they are in Heaven…? Will the river beds be blanketed with rubies and sapphires and diamonds as the Living Water once again fills the trenches….? What need is there of a 100 dollar bill, a piece of paper man has put such value in….or a block of solid gold for that matter….?
    What an Author He is!!! Infusion in Life from the Center-out is True Value!! The blissful anticipation of His Glorious Presence, the One Who Is Pure Life, Pure Love….
    I see beautiful majestic waterfalls with children laughing and splashing about!! Walking hand in hand with Him and each other, wanting for absolutely nothing.
    This is a vision that doesn’t seem to fit into today’s narrative, but it will.
    On Earth as it is in Heaven…HALLELUJAH!!
    God bless you beautiful man!! :)

    • Finances in The Kingdom is not just about The Dollar Bill.
      Finance is the authority to steward the resources that facilitates the execution of The Agenda of God.
      Before man fell, The Lord placed Adam in charge of The Garden.
      This Garden shown in Revelation has trees that is for the healing of Nations.
      That’s finance in The Kingdom.
      Though the application of Finance has changed over many ages; just as we are in another time when digital transactions are beginning to be introduced; the application of finance will change over time.
      From the times of trade by barter; to the valuations by the scales; to the modern form of currency.
      Those who wield authority to facilitate the execution of the will of The Lord wield financial authority; and many times satan loves to sit in these places to obstruct the facilitation of The Will of The Lord

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