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Where Are We Going From Here? — 5 Comments

  1. One of my heartaches and burdens with the prophetic movement is a vibe focused on the individual, in his or her preparation of the times to come. I don’t believe this is of the Father’s heart or His intention with true prophecy. Example from from the narrative of Acts: Agabus comes to Antioch and gives a prophetic utterance saying there is a famine coming to the whole earth (Important? Yes!), and the “community” responds not in fear, but faith… they raise support or monies, and they send it back to the community in Jerusalem. Our eschatology, is not a fear tool, but instead should activate believers toward faith and toward those who are in greater need than the urgent prophetic word of the moment. I do not see this in the prophetic movement near enough, and it must change! He still loves His world, and we need not forget He gave His best to the world. We are so bent toward giving the prophetic word of the Lord, but are we even more willing to give sacrificially to those who may be in greater need than the present utterance of the Lord? Jesus gave very strong prophetic utterances to His people, but even more so, He gave His life! Should we not emulate this King and Messiah? Can we learn from the people of Antioch? Prophetic utterances given to the community or the larger body of Messiah, which does not lead us to love His world, first, probably should be re-examined and taken into the light of this lovely passage from Acts. All allegiance and honor to King Jesus!

    • Brian St Clair, understand that this “isn’t” a prophetic word, but merely some honest thoughts penned by me. If you however, look over several of my prophecies, you will see that there is warning mixed with hope and security for those who would have ears to hear. Selah`
      Stephen Hanson

  2. Yes, preparing is something we all should be doing, if we are wise! Spiritually, mentally and physically!! On the other hand balance is key. Prayer should be our very breath. But I’ve also witnessed people so depressed, because that’s all they think and talk about. I believe we must know and prepare, but also live daily with the joy of the Lord! And following Him in all things, however He may lead us!

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