Who’s in the House?


What if word got out that Jesus was visiting at a particular church and He was healing people?  People were actually laying aside their pallets and getting up out of their wheelchairs?  Somehow, a rumor got passed around, that someone you know, went to that service blind, and left there seeing.  Your neighbor’s child was born deaf; and now, after attending this meeting, the precious babe, could truly hear.  The news was spreading all over town, throughout the entire countryside, that there was this man and He could heal people. He would even raise the dead!

This particular house was crammed full.  There was not enough room for everybody; no one else could even get in the door.  They actually tore out part of the roof; can you imagine what that must have looked like?  What if you were preaching and teaching and the house was packed out when somebody started letting this bed down through the roof; right over the pulpit where you were preaching?  How desperate are we to get to Jesus Christ today?  We’ve been told what He can do; just like all of those people were.  But what if someone in that service was doing the very same things that Jesus did; healing everybody?  I’d go; wouldn’t you; any way I could?

I don’t care how much we’ve been let down by those who claimed to have the same kind of power that Christ had.  The Lord gave me something some time back that changed my perspective about a lot of things.  I had asked Him; why are you allowing so much of this fraud, this put on show and all of this so-called promise preaching, for money?  Isn’t this hurting the true church; doesn’t it turn people off and cause real unbelief?  He led me to a verse that said, all of these things were being allowed, so that those who are truly approved, can be manifested  (1 John 2:19).

It does not matter what a mess that some people have made; it never did change what God can really do.  God is searching in this hour, for those who will do it the right way.  Those who will move in His Spirit, and give Him all the glory He deserves; totally.

We were told years back that if we ever got it right; you wouldn’t need any kind of advertisement.  There would be no need for any programs or any of the things you see flashing in the house of the Lord today.  What we need, is the power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost.

People know what we say we have; but, they have not often seen us demonstrate it.  I went to one of those mega-healing meetings one time, not so long ago.  What I actually observed, was a show; a farce, that stunned me beyond belief.  Entire rows of people were supposedly falling out in a spirit, on both sides of me.  I mean, a whole section of people at a time; because the presiding minister, screamed “power” into the microphone on cue.  I felt injured.  Me and the person that went with me, just stood there looking confused.  He did not know the Lord as some of us do; it turned him off.  He left there; unhealed.

We need Jesus in the house; walking among the people, touching them as He did in that day.  That Spirit, that resided in Him, is supposed to reside in us also; we were told that we had the power to do the same things He did.

Maybe the question should be, what, is in the house?  What are we doing in what we call the Lord’s house; and how much is the Lord having His way?  I feel that God is calling forth vessels in this hour; those who have had a lot of time to observe what is going on; to be molded into something different.

We need to be ready, to demonstrate the gifts of the Spirit, at any given notice; wherever the Spirit leads to do it.  Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.  If there’s no true liberty, He’s visiting somewhere else.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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  1. This is true and accurate for today. Because this is what the Lord is having me do. And the demonstrations begin today.