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  1. Speaking about Churches you have heard it from me before, there are counterfeits called evildoers, Religious Pharisees more than the sheep and the chosen vessels of God. The ones that hold titles, need to repent big time having a title does not make them closer to God. They hold a big accountability before God, because if they preach. prophecy or teach falsely before the Body of Christ, they will give an answer to God. Is there any love displayed to the Body of Christ, little to none? Love has left the front door of churches unfortunately. Do the saints of God pray for others in the church? Only the true Prayer Warriors pray and fast. I seen it as much as you have over and over. But you must still do your part that is right in God’s sight and don’t pay any attention to anyone else if you are going to attend church; otherwise stay at home and worship the Lord in your prayer room.

  2. I feel it too.
    I have for a while.
    And most of my believing friends and family aren’t on “the same page” as me.  To be honest, it’s frustrating at times (not because I might seem weird to them, but because I KNOW there is SO much more that God has for them, a clear path that He has already laid out- but they are too afraid or too prideful to step onto their path and into Kingdom reality).  I know there is MORE.  I know there are things that can be done, will be done- things that bypass medical explanation.  Things that will drop the jaws of medical experts.  Instantaneous healing miracles of diabetes, cancer, arthritis, addictions, autism….the list goes on.
    I feel the shift.
    God is moving, tilting, shaking and reshaping His remnant. 
    Some will be too afraid to move.
    Some will be too stubborn to be reshaped.

    Every single time I read one of your entries, I 100% understand and agree with what you say.  I get it.  And I wanted to thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit, and following His instruction even when it might sting a little bit.  God refines us and makes it so the sting doesn’t hurt.  The refining and polishing is what makes us bold- and you, my brother, are bold!  Thank you for standing up, being vulnerable, shouting God’s Word to those who will hear.  Those words, breaths of God, WILL reach the lost.  Those who know and recognize the Father’s voice will follow. 
    I will pray for enemy-proof protection for you.  I will pray against enemy attacks and spiritual warfare. 
    Keep shouting it from the mountaintops!  People WILL hear!

  3. You always touch my heart brother Blackburn, every time.
    I am a believer for more than 25 years. Only one in my family.
    I don’t go to a church, never felt at home in a church.
    Never felt the Lord want me to go.
    Never saw a miracle, but I always believed that God is a God of miracles.
    He is stirring my heart too. He is doing a work in me.
    I don’t know why and I don’t know the purpose.
    But I know the enemy is fighting me like crazy in the last two years.
    You’re not alone, brother Blackburn and one day we will understand.
    Your postings are a great blessing. Thank you and God bless you.

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