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  1. I’ve been born again and baptized within the last few years.  I’ve read the Bible thoroughly, read many many Christian books, read all prophesy I can find, and attend a non-denominational bible-believing church.  How do I become baptized in the Holy Spirit?  I hear the Spirit as a still small voice and have obeyed difficult commands.  I read your Spirit Walker message and have tried to speak in tongues, but don’t know that I did it correctly.  But I’m confident that I’m saved and have the Holy Spirit indwelling.  Is there something I’m missing?

  2. LORD my father, baptist me with the Holy Spirit and cause me to pray in tongues in Christ Jesus name I ask.

    Thank you for granting this, Amen

  3. …. Paul said, I pray in tongues more than all of you … as I thought about this … I felt He prayed in tongues more than all, as it was necessary in the administration of His work … such was its scope, much being pioneering … it was how He gained grace to endure and see it through…. more than any other man, to see it achieved

    …. so He recognised the importance in his own life and calling.

    … but also … 8 years ago, whilst being led to study tongues …. I felt the Lord say … there is coming a time, and even is, that praying in tongues, will not be so much an option … it will become an absolute necessity … it s engagement and operation will become essential and absolutely necessary in the life of Christians … becasue Paul spoke about the enormity of task, in what was uniquely pioneering times …. for us us I believe it will be because of the enormity of the times we find ourselves in … that we might be provided for by and through the multifaceted use and administration of tongues … for Father makes it clear to the Spirit the exact scope and nature of need, not just at the time of speaking, but in ADVANCE OF THE need and BEYOND the execution of its scope.

    • Thank you David Hood for this wonderful comment.  It does illustrate to me a most recent observation concerning speaking in Tongues and their importance now, and how much more so in the future, as we enter into the days coming. 

      It is even now, most every day, I heard the Spirit speak and say PRAY IN TONGUES, and when I hear that He begins to give me the tongues which I speak out loud.  As I pray more come until He says, NOW LISTEN.. and then He begins to tell me about things I need to know and understand.  What a marvelous gift that He gives us that we can go direct to the Father with prayers, PERFECT PRAYERS OF HELP AND REVELATION KNOWLEDGE.  As the End Times come we will need this more than ever, just to survive with the Lord.

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