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Wisdom that Sets Free! — 3 Comments

  1. Wow! Wow! So many are BLIND because they do not READ AND STUDY THE WORD OF CHRIST. They also do not test the spirit AT ALL. It is so simple to ask God whether the person standing preaching in front of them, have his spirit…He will answer! THEY SEE THE CHARM, GOOD LOOKS, CHARISMA, FAME, INFLUENCE, AND POWER of the wolves AND THINK AS SAMUEL, surely this is God’s anointed……But what did God say, do not judge by outward appearance or height for I have rejected him. If Samuel who could see so deep into Christ could get fooled how much more in our time MUST WE BE DISCERNING. THANKS FOR THE MEAT.

    God said he would give his servants meat in due season. It is the season for the meat of the word of Christ.

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