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  1. Wow this article leads me to questions. I very recently had a family acquaintance stay in my home for a couple of nights. We have known her to claim Christianity however I have always in my heart questioned her life choices. She is married to a man whose family is involved in witchery and at one time believed they had put a spell of evil on her on a previous visit. She continues to stay close though to this family and I personally felt it not so good suddenly to have her in my home. Could She have brought a spirit of witchcraft or something like this into our home? I have strongly felt that there is something hampering on me and oppressing me but could not put my finger on what I had done to have opened any doors. Until I read this article. I am not even sure just how to question what is wondering in my mind having read this. Could this be the door that was opened having known before that she was so closely involved in this witch family? I have been praying around my home and property to be delivered of evil and be shown what I have allowed to have this extent of trouble in my home and family. Thanks for the article.

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